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Houses of British Monarchs

Name the royal houses that have ruled England since the time of the Norman conquest.
Quiz by Pazza
Last updated: September 11, 2016
First submittedMay 13, 2014
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First Ruler
Last Ruler
William I
Henry I
House of Normandy
House of Blois
Henry II
House of Anjou
Henry III
Richard II
House of Plantagenet
1399-1461, 1470-1471
Henry IV
Henry VI
House of Lancaster
1461-1470, 1471-1485
Edward IV
Richard III
House of York
Henry VII
Elizabeth I
House of Tudor
1603-1649 and 1660-1714
James I
House of Stuart
George I
House of Hanover
Edward VII
House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
George V
House of Windsor
level 76
Jun 18, 2015
Mental block as to which house the Georges belonged to... I gave up just before the line "And then began the Hanover gang" from the Horrible Histories song occurred to me.
level 65
Jul 10, 2016
If you're going to split Henry II through John as separate from the Plantagenets (even though it's all the same house), I would suggest accepting Angevin for Anjou.
level 76
Aug 14, 2016
level 63
Aug 20, 2016
That's the only one I didn't get. They're definitely Plantagenets.
level 42
Sep 8, 2016
level 32
Sep 15, 2016
After John they technically aren't Angevins and the term Plantagenet didn't come into being until the 15th century.
level 78
Sep 23, 2019
Yeah, to separate Anjou is very disputable. The term Plantagenet was coined after Henry II's father...
level 69
Sep 8, 2016
Yeah, I agree that they should be counted as Plantagenets. Also, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Windsor is the same house. You can ask for the two names, but I think that the test shouldn't imply that there was a change of dynasty just because they decided to change their name.
level 36
Sep 9, 2016
+ The only reason why they changed was because of the War and wanting to disassociate themselves from the Germans.
level 67
Sep 8, 2016
100% with you here.
level 66
Sep 8, 2016
level 35
Sep 8, 2016
Please accept Angevin for Anjou.
level 56
Sep 10, 2016
The last Saxe-Coburg-Gotha monarch was King George V. King Edward VII died in 1910.
level 20
Sep 12, 2016
Queen Anne reigned from 1700 to 1714 not 1600...
level 64
Sep 12, 2016
The years aren't saying that was Anne's rule. That's the time that someone who was part of the house was ruling.
level 70
Oct 27, 2016
In agreement with all of the above.
level 33
Nov 16, 2016
They were part of the house of Plantagenet, not Anjou.
level 61
Jul 17, 2017
Why is the House of Orange-Nassau for king William III not added?
level 60
Sep 27, 2018
He ruled only because he happened to be married to Mary, who was still technically a Stuart. It was her birthright that acceded her to the crown, she demanded William be co-regent, Parliament acquiesced.
level 70
Sep 23, 2019
That's not the whole story. He had his own claim to the throne.He was Charles I's grandson - but that would still make him a Stuart in the context of the English and Scottish crowns.
level 68
Mar 6, 2018
Could Norman/Normans not be allowed for House of Normandy?
level 60
Sep 27, 2018
I'd only say that they didn't come from "Norman/Normans," they came from the geographical location, Normandy. Not trying to split hairs!
level 60
Sep 27, 2018
Technically George V should be added as final ruler of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, he ruled under that House from 1910 to 1917.
level 55
Sep 23, 2019
What about Charles I and II?
level 63
Sep 23, 2019
The two Chucks were Stuarts.
level 77
Sep 24, 2019
No Hufflepuff?