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2172019-03-19Groups of things #8
2092018-08-04Animals by picture
1692019-03-17Groups of things #6
1572019-03-13Groups of things #7
1452019-03-08Groups of things #5
1412020-12-11Arab members that recognize Israel
1372019-03-06Groups of things #1
1352019-03-12Groups of things #2
1202019-03-11Groups of things #3
1002018-08-03Aquatic animals & plants by picture
902019-03-12Groups of things #4
772019-05-03Majority Muslim countries except Arab or African countries
702019-10-10Fruit & Vegetable by picture
642019-05-25Five newest Countries that joined UN by Continent
632021-03-19Countries of the Japanese Empire before WW2
562020-03-31Top 3 Coronavirus affected countries every week
522019-05-01Country name in Japanese
512019-12-15Countries that have colonized or occupied Taiwan
492019-11-19Words with silent letter by picture
462020-09-15Top 5 Market share smartphone brand by countries
452019-05-031st religion in Asia
452019-10-05Top 10 safest countries and cities in the world
442021-02-28Most common PINS (4 digits)
442019-06-21Homophone #1 (Basic)
442019-05-11Official languages of Asia with an Empty Map
422019-02-22Currencies of Asia with an Empty Map
422020-09-09Countries Bordering the EU
412019-11-17Countries with least percentage of buddhists muslims and
412019-12-26Shortest name by category
402019-11-02Winner of world Cup by country
402019-06-09Animal by picture
402018-09-25Phrasal verbs and their one word substitutions part2
392019-05-13Countries with English as an official language except
372019-07-11Antonym vocabulary words
362018-07-30Flag by picture in their languages
342021-02-19Countries contain whole name of other country
342020-09-12Non-Muslim Majority Countries dont recognize Israel
332020-05-015 countries of largest trading partners
332019-02-15Companies by country
332019-02-22Who founded that companies
322019-05-24Countries with Cardinal Directions in their name in 1970
322020-09-09Countries Bordering the Majority Muslim Countries
312018-10-08Acronyms part1
302019-02-13Superlative Countries
302020-05-11Top 10 countries with most execution 2018
302018-09-15Polygons by picture
292019-05-10Country with more than 2 UN official languages
292019-04-11Homophones- Number
282019-09-18Antonym vocabulary words 2
282019-02-06Famous landmarks by picture
282020-09-10Countries Bordering the Arab League
272018-09-15Antonym vocabulary and term part1
272019-12-09Countries have used hanzi (漢字) as official language
252020-09-02Countries dont recognize USA China and Russia
252020-09-11Countries dont recognize South Korea
242019-04-19Countries of Europe without EU members
232018-09-15Antonym vocabulary and term part2
232018-10-06Capitals of South America
232019-12-16Internet browser You USE the most
232018-10-13Acronyms part3
222019-05-22Meaning of prefix (Vocabulary)
222018-10-04Acronyms part2
212021-01-24Each Countries that visit country the most
212020-12-16Landmarks of the city by pictures
202019-01-31Multiple math
202019-12-16Adjective form of country
202020-06-01Cancelled or postponed modern Olympic Games
202019-09-28Latest result world cup position top3 (man)
192018-09-19Antonym vocabulary and term part4
192020-09-25Non-Muslim Majority Countries of flag with moon
182020-07-28Top 5 Countries by Producing something
182020-07-18Countries with word democratic in their name
182020-05-19ASEAN and East Asia tile select
182021-02-27Most populous countries in some categires #1
182020-07-27First country with some categories
182019-04-19Countries with NO impact of terrorism in 2018
182019-05-01Country name in Japanese #2
182020-06-01Communist countries that Boycotted the moscow olympics 1980
172021-06-05Short name of countries are available on Jetpunk
172020-09-01Regional Flag by picture
162019-12-26Name that civil war or revolution
152020-05-31Name the leader by period and country
152020-05-01Nonmetals on periodic table
142019-03-08Capital of Countries
142019-05-26Countries of South America in Russian
142019-05-20Meaning of prefix #2
142020-08-05Countries that opposed Hong Kong Security Law at the UNHRC
142019-05-08Vocabulary (multiple meaning words)
132019-05-20Countries with territories of southern hemisphere except
132019-10-13Major 2 political parties in some countries
132020-08-05things connected two oceans or countries
122018-09-19Antonym vocabulary and term part5
112020-07-29Things border two Countries #1
112019-09-21Economic & Internet acronym
112019-10-26Countries bordering FIFA winner team exclude
102020-07-29Things border two Countries #2
102019-10-26Countries bordering 2 or 3 teams of FIFA winners
92021-01-26Nordic Countries multiple choice
92020-09-11Bordering countries by freedom press index
92021-02-28Most populous countries in some categires #2
82020-07-29Type of numeral
82020-05-09Superlative landform
82019-05-26Countries of the Middle East in Russian
82018-09-20Synonyms vocabulary and term part1
32021-01-27BRICS Countries multiple choice