The Nature of the UK constitution

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Last updated: December 10, 2020
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The Magna Carta set out the principle that no one should be deprived of _______ or ________ without due process of law
Liberty or property
In what year was the bill of rights introduced?
What was one of the provisions included in the bill of rights for?
Regular parliaments
The second?
Free elections
And the third?
Freedom of speech in parliament
The act of settlement established the right of parliament to determine the line of succession to the throne. Which king was it trying to exclude?
James II
England and Scotland were united under which acts?
Acts of Union
In what year?
In which two years were the two Parliament Acts passed?
1911 and 1949
What provoked the first act to be passed?
The people's budget
What could the Lords not delay after the first act?
Money bills
What was the Lords power of veto replaced with?
Two year delay
What was this changed to in 1949?
1 year delay
What act established the principle that EU law would take precedence?
The European Communities act
In what year?
What three words beginning with U describe the UK constitution?
Uncodified Unentrenched Unitary
What are the two twin pillers?
Parliamentary sovereignty and rule of law
Who first theorised the twin pillers?
A.V. Dicey
No parliament can ____ ___ _________
Bind its successor
Parliament can make law on ___ _______
Any subject
Legislation passed by parliament cannot be struck down by a ______ ____
Higher body
The rule of law states that what should be free from political interference?
The judiciary
What is the name for the body of law passed by parliament?
Statute law
What is the name for the body of legal principles laid down by judges in rulings?
Common law
Conventions are customs and practices that do not have _____ _____
Legal force
Erskine May's "Parliamentary Practice" is an example of a what?
Authoritative work
What is considered the most important treaty the UK has signed that transformen the EEC into the EU?
The concept of "innocent until proven guilty" comes from what source of the UK constitution?
Common law
What are generally considered to be the two most important sources of the UK constitution (pre-brexit)?
Statute law and EU law
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