Truman Presidancy

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Last updated: January 27, 2020
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The number of US military deaths in WW2
The top secret security policy document that suggested an increase in defence spending in order to carry out the policy of containment
Who was elected as leader of South Korea?
Syngman Rhee
The Marshall Plan gave $__ billion to european countries to rebuild
African Americans made up around __ % of the population of the USA
British economist whose economic policy inspired much of the democrat economic policies
John Maynard Keynes
This act of 1952 made it easier to migrate from Asia to the USA
Immigration and Nationality Act
The Morgan v Virginia ruled that segregation on what?
Interstate buses
Inflation rate in 1945\46 was __%
What was the headline of the Chicago Tribune that was a famous wrong prediction?
Dewey Defeats Truman
The Korean war cost __% of the US GDP
The house Un-American Activities Committee was formed to monitor what?
Extremist groups
By 1945, the USA had __ % of the worlds income
Date that the Berlin blockade was installed
25th March 1948
18 of the 32 presidents prior to Truman had come from the _____ _______ states
North Eastern
Scheme set up by Roosevelt that aimed to help returning soldiers but didn't apply to African Americans
GI bill
Of the 12 million soldiers returning, how many were initially demobalised?
9 million
When was the first successful nuclear test in the soviet union?
August 1949
Truman asked for $___ million assistance for Greece and Turkey
__ million tones of supplies flown in during the 324 day Berlin airlift
What were the 2 main civil rights groups in Truman's presidancy?
Instead of supporting Vietnamese independance, Truman supported the ______ empire
The Smith v Allwright case ruled African Americans in Texas to vote in what?
Sales of ____ increased from 2.1 million to 7.9 million in 9 years as a result of the baby boom
By 1950, how much had unemployment risen by?
George Kennan's letter to US secretary of state James Byrnes that inspired the Truman Doctrine was the ____ ________
Long Telegram
Country whose fall to Communism inspired congress to pass the Marshall Plan
What campaign did explicitly linked victory over the Nazis to Racism at home?
Double V
The US banned communists from government posts in _____
What was the name of the report released by the presidents commitee on civil rights which was a scathing attack on all forms discriminaton?
To secure these rights
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