Phineas & Ferb Songs

I give you a lyric and you guess the song. Feel free to make suggestions : )
Quiz by Njoiyourday
Last updated: March 1, 2021
First submittedJanuary 23, 2021
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1. This could possibly be the best day ever!
Do nothing day
Today is gonna be a great day
Gitchee Gitchee Goo
Best day ever
2. We’re Phinadroids and Ferbots we're shutting down for the day
I brobot
Phinidroids and Ferbots
Real boys
3. I bear lots of animosity to bell hops, they never bring my luggage up on time. And taxi drivers really tax my patience, if they vanished would it really be a crime?
He’s a bully
My nemesis
My goody two-shoes brother
Who I hate bestest
4. The boys are always up to something and it’s bringing me to tears cause just before you get home it always just magically disappears
Mysterious Force
Some magic mystery
5. Belt your self. Only way to protect your health. Leave your friends all your hard earned wealth.
What is this thing
Drusselstien Driving Test Waltz
Go cart Go!
6. Something weird’s going on round here, gotta get me some evidence. Some strange goings on happening on the back lawn and it’s getting too intense
Your going down
You’re not Ferb
Right out back
7. I could learn to cook vegetarian, or take a fashion work shop, meditate, calculate, learn to knit a tank top, yoga, hula, clogging, jogging,
Hobby me
Marriage, the adventure of your life!
Bob and Tiana
8. That’s what makes me say...hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!
Hey Ferb
Every day
Takin care of things
Bucket of gold
9. Oh Perry, I’m allergic to dairy, I’m gonna move to the prairie, and change my name to Larry
What I wouldn’t do for Perry
We miss you Perry
Come home Perry
Larry misses Perry
10. And you don’t have to build a roller coaster to find you own way to make the most of every minute
Summer where do we begin?
Carpe diem
Seize the day
Every Summer minute
11. YEAH, corkscrewing down the interstate, peanut butter and rubber snakes, clear the way, move over, look out bud, HERE COMES THE MUD
Drusselstien driving test waltz
What is this thing?
Roller coaster
Coolest coaster ever
12. His galvanized insides can feel no joy, he wants to be a real boy
Real boy
I’m handsome
Norm normal
13. Do llamas weird you out? Yeah, are they camels or sheep? No, no, I meant Lorenzo. Oh that’s right, he played meep!
Meep me in St. Louie
Me myself and I
Who are you
Brand new best friend
14. She’s gonna be a new sensation
I’m me
Frizz funk
Watcha doin?
Izzy’s got the frizzies
15. You take the first letter of every word, you add it to the end and then say erb
Lering ferb
Brand new reality
Ferb Latin
Erbferb atenlerb
16. I run so fast I get speeding ticket from the stater trooper
The flash
The beak
Feelin super
My ride from outer space
17. I’ve got a poisonous sting, when I rain I pour, I'm the best of the best, I’m the soup du jour, I’m smooth as glass and sharp as a tack
I’m handsome
I’m Lindana and I want to have fun
I’m me
Why I love me
18. Summer, it’s crickets and cicadas and a glass of lemonade. Summer, it’s sitting with your brother in the backyard under the shade of a big tree
Summer all over the world
Summer’s not over yet
Summer belongs to you
Summer, Where do we begin?
19. They say “There is no ‘I’ in ‘teamwork’” but there’s an ‘m’ and there’s an there’s an ‘e’, that’s ‘me’.
Bits of all of us
We just have to stick together
On that we can agree
20. And now our endless summer is finally coming to an end. I tried to make the most of every day but now the years just seem misspent.
I coulda been
Had I known then
What might have been
I wish I had known
21. Lakes and creeks and ponds are fishes’ toilets, a thimble full will surely be your death. Don’t drink out of a bog, you may ingest a pollywog, and soon you may be drawing your last breath
Be a grownup
Irving’s campfire song
Nature’s Gross!
He’s Bigfoot
22. Basically what we make here is rubber, we’re not really trying to diversify.
Rubber balls rubber bands
The rubber factory
Uncle Sabu Co
Rubber bands, Rubber balls
23. Sudiop budiop bedelebede dah Sudiop budiop bedelebede dah Sudiop budiop bedelebede dah budi bedede da ba da dadada!
Ferb Latin
Quirky worky song
Montage music
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