Flat Earth Fiction

Answer these questions with a Flat-Earth mindset.
Quiz by JSSTyger
Last updated: March 1, 2019
First submittedMarch 1, 2019
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Which continent encompasses the entirety of the near 80,000 mile rim of the flat-Earth?
Will world military forces stop you from finding the edge/dome?
What accelerating "force" relating to Earth's mass is completely discarded by Flat-Earthers?
Which pole is the center of the Flat-Earth disk?
Does water stick to a spinning ball? (Experiments done on Earth using small masses)
Should we feel constant velocity? (Remember...put yourself in FE mindset)
Does zooming in on objects with a camera bring them back from behind apparent obstructions?
Flat-Earth laws of ___ dictate that the Sun can be brought back above the horizon with a camera zoom
Flat-Earthers can't see the ___ of the Earth and therefore it doesn't exist.
NASA, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Pythagoras, etc are all part of a massive _____ to cover up the Flat-Earth
Neil Armstrong never landed on the ___ and therefore NASA is lying about the shape of the Earth
This religious book proves that the Earth is flat
Astronauts are suspended by ___ when they pretend to be in zero gravity at the International Space Station
Do Flat-Earthers call our current education system indoctrination?
Did you intelligence level drop after taking this quiz?
Level 74
Mar 1, 2019
Ooooh, do one for anti-vaxers too!
Level 53
Mar 1, 2019
I'm not sure what that is.
Level 58
Mar 7, 2019
Sorry, but the Earth is FLAT.
Level 53
Mar 7, 2019
Yeah theres a billion proofs that the Earth is not flat.
Level 58
May 2, 2019
¿? where is the curvature?, and show me a real pic of the earth fro space, all bull...hit

or better... show me in real time using the tecnology and satelites the people in Sydney or Melbourne walking head down.

Level 53
May 3, 2019
Whats the point of complying with your demands when you will just call it CGI? There's already a billion photos and videos from space that you completely dismiss as fake so whats the point? You are part of a community that believes in buoyancy but not gravity. Find me any equation for buoyancy that doesn't involve gravity.
Level 30
Nov 19, 2019
This made me loose so many brain cells. How can people think that the Earth is flat?
Level 59
Apr 2, 2020
If Flat-Earthers know sooooo much about the Earth, what's on the other side? Hmm...
Level 23
Mar 15, 2021
If the earth was flat we would be able to see the mount everest horizon from anywhere on earth