Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

Characters, songs, masks, etc from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask
Quiz by JSSTyger
Last updated: November 2, 2020
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Link's childhood friend and Sage of Forest
Princess of Hyrule
Sage of Fire
Sage of Shadow
Sage of Water
Sage of Spirit
Boss of Deku Tree
Boss of Dodongo's Cavern
King Dodongo
Boss in Jabu Jabu's Belly
Boss of Forest Temple
Phantom Ganon
Boss of Fire Temple
Boss of Water Temple
Boss of Shadow Temple
Bongo Bongo
Boss of Spirit Temple
Final Boss of Ocarina of Time
Ocarina song taught by Impa
Zelda's Lullaby
Ocarina song taught by Malon
Epona's Song
Ocarina song taught by Saria
Saria's Song
Ocarina song taught at the windmill in Kakariko Village
Song of Storms
Ocarina song inscribed in stone in Kakariko Graveyard
Sun's Song
Ocarina song that opens the Door of Time
Song of Time
Ocarina song that brings Link to the Sacred Forest Meadow
Minuet of Forest
Ocarina song that takes Link to Death Mountain Crater
Bolero of Fire
Ocarina song that takes Link to Lake Hylia
Serenade of Water
Ocarina song that takes Link to Kakariko Graveyard
Nocturne of Shadow
Ocarina song that takes Link to the Desert Colossus
Requiem of Spirit
Ocarina song that takes Link to the Temple of Time
Prelude of Light
Final Boss of Woodfall Temple
Final Boss of Snowhead Temple
Final Boss of Great Bay Temple
Final Boss of Stone Tower Temple
Ocarina song in Majora's Mask that allows Link to warp
Song of Soaring
Ocarina song used to enter Woodfall Temple
Sonata of Awakening
Ocarina song used to enter Snowhead Temple
Goron Lullaby
Ocarina song used to enter Great Bay Temple
New Wave Bossanova
Ocarina song given by the King of Ikana Castle
Elegy of Emptiness
Ocarina Song taught by the mask salesman
Song of Healing
Ocarina Song that calls the Four Giants
Oath to Order
Deceased Goron in Majora's Mask
Deceased Zora in Majora's Mask
Final Boss of Majora's Mask
Mask bought at the Curiosity Shop
All-Night Mask
Mask that explodes
Blast Mask
Mask given by the music box man
Bremen Mask
Mask that allows Link to fun faster
Bunny Hood
Mask awarded at Ikana Graveyard
Captain's Hat
Mask given by Kafei and Anju
Couple's Mask
Mask given by a hungry Goron
Don Gero's Mask
Mask given by the Gorman brothers
Garo's Mask
Mask found at Stone Tower Temple
Giant's Mask
Mask awarded after healing the father at Ikana Canyon
Gibdo Mask
Mask that attracts stray fairies
Great Fairy's Mask
Mask named after Anju's lover
Kafei's Mask
Mask used to dance
Kamaro's Mask
Mask given at Kafei's hideout by the Curiosity Shop owner
Keaton Mask
Mask used to find ingredients for the blue potion
Mask of Scents
Mask used to find out the facts and read minds
Mask of Truth
Mask awarded by the mail delivery man
Postman's Hat
Mask need to be a member at the Milk Bar
Romani's Mask
Mask that makes Link invisible
Stone Mask
Mask that looks like Gorman
Circus Leader's Mask
Mask awarded on the moon
Fierce Deity's Mask
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