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42,9272019-02-16 Yugoslavian States Today
5,0512012-11-27The 50 most common german words
3,1952016-02-07Where is this city?
2,1342014-02-20Most common italian words
2,0782014-02-17Leaders in WWII
1,6292012-11-27Operations in WWII
1,4792012-12-01Where is this city #2
1,0182012-11-24Biggest islands in Croatia
9712012-12-02Where is this city #3
8732012-11-30All Mediterranean seas
7732012-12-05Where is this city #4
5182012-11-27Most common Spanish words
4622012-12-02Largest African Countries
4032012-12-01West roman emperors
2282012-12-02Largest Asian countries
2282012-12-01WWII expert quiz
1832012-11-28The group of eight (G8)
1602012-12-02Largest North American Countries
1562012-12-02Largest European Countries
1442012-12-205 letter capitals
792015-07-09Drugi svjetski rat - političari i generali
792012-11-26Singers in the movie
762016-01-24German companies
702016-01-24Coca-Cola flavors
682015-12-20Colors in german languange
652018-01-28Odjevni predmeti na njemačkom jeziku
612012-12-204 letter capitals
592016-02-02Game of Thrones filming locations
542016-02-07Countries with biggest carnivals
532012-12-02Largest South American Countries
492012-11-26Famous sitcoms characters
482014-01-16Name the River
452015-12-19Animals in german language
452012-11-27World Organizations
452012-11-28G-20 major economies
442016-02-07Biggest carnival cities
372014-01-07Name the victims
332016-01-24Fanta flavors
332012-11-3025 best companies to work for 2012
322016-01-24Italian companies
322015-12-20Fruit and vegetables in german language
292012-11-26Famous sitcoms characters 2
162016-01-24Sprite flavors
142014-02-13Gaj's Latin alphabet
82017-03-16Himna Republike Hrvatske