Supernatural Season 14 Quiz

Answer the questions about the fourteenth season of The CW's show Supernatural.
Any left out scenes or episodes are not a reflection upon my preferences and are not meant to offend anybody.
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Last updated: April 14, 2020
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What is the name of Lucifer's vessel who is reveled to be alive in "Stranger in a Strange Land"?
Who does Jack seek out in "Gods and Monsters"?
His grandmother
What sheriff returns to help Sam find Dean/Michael in "The Scar"?
Jody Mills
Who does Dean suggest dressing up for Halloween as with Sam saying, "Just put it in drive and go"?
Thelma and Louise
What are the boys dealing with in "Nightmare Logic"?
A djinn
Who joins Sam on a hunt in "Optimism"?
Who do the boys get to try to heal Jack in "Unhuman Nature"?
What young character dies in the beginning of "Byzantium"?
Who resurrects the above by the end of the episode?
Who does Team free will team up with to try and defeat Michael in "The Spear"?
What happens to Dean at the end of the episode?
Michael possesses him again
Who goes into Dean's head to trap Michael in "Nihilism"?
Sam and Castiel
Who is Dean spending time with in his fantasy in "Nihilism"?
Pamela Barnes
What does Dean construct when he spends time with Mary in "Damaged Goods"?
The Ma'lak Box
What quirky prophet is brought back from the brink of death in "Prophet and Loss"?
What is the name of the 300th episode?
What character returns in this milestone episode?
John Winchester
Who kills Michael in "Ouroboros"?
Is Jack soulless?
What is Sam wearing in "Peace of Mind"?
A cardigan, glasses, and a ponytail
Who stabs Stacy in "Don't Go Into the Woods"?
What do Castiel and Anael find and use to contact God in "Game Night"?
The Samulet
"Absence" starts after which character's death?
Where do the boys put Jack in "Jack in the Box" before he breaks out?
The Ma'lak Box
What familiar face returns in "Moriah" for the first time since season 11?
Chuck Shirley
Who dies in the season finale?
Who is revealed to be the final villain of the series?
Finish the Quote: "As a wise man once said, 'It ain't how hard ya hit. It's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.' 'Was that _______?'"
Finish the Quote: "This doesn't feel right. It's not how I thought ______ story would end."
Finish the Quote: "I mean, God bless ____ am I right?"
Finish the Quote: "Get him to open up and then sleep until the ____ come home."
Finish the Quote: "Hi, I'm Dean Winchester and I'm looking for ________________"
The devil's son
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