Autism Myths and Facts

Select the correct choice to see if you understand the current state of Autism, Autism Therapies, and Autism Awareness, or if you've been 'Myth-taken'.
Quiz by Alexxjadeb
Last updated: October 25, 2020
First submittedOctober 25, 2020
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1. What does ASD stand for?
Autism Speaks Disorder
Altruistic Significance Disorder
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Autistic Specialties Disease
2. According to Autistic Adult survivors, this child focused therapy is considered torture.
ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)
CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)
PE (Prolonged Exposure Therapy)
3. Which organization parades as an Autism resource but has devalued the opinions of Autistic people to the point of being an Autism Hate group?
Actually Autistic
Autism Speaks
Center for Auties
Autistic Blog Central
4. Which core demographic have all symptoms and treatments been centered around to the point of leaving all other autistic demographics marginalized and deprived of care?
Trans Adults
Black Non-Binary Individuals
Hispanic Cis Teens
White Cis Boy Children
5. Due to the artificial construction of gender roles, and the disconnect of Autistic individuals and social constructs, which gendered Autists have higher rates of gender non-conformity?
Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB)
Circumsized Males
Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)
6. Can a Non-verbal Autist use the internet?
Yes, one made this quiz
Yes but they would never comment or say anything
Yes but it would be obvious and bad
No, never
7. Is Autism defined by how the Autist experiences themselves or by how an outsider views the Autist?
How the Autist experiences themselves
How the Autist is more gifted than others
How the Autist struggles more than others
How the fact that the Autist struggles more than others is inconvenient to the outsiders and the extent to which it is inconvenient
8. Are all people on the spectrum the same?
9. Are Autistic adults the best resource for understanding your autistic child while they are learning about themselves too?
Yes, both the input from both Autistic adults and your child's care team should be considered
Yes, that's all I need
No, I should only listen to my doctor
No, I will only listen to myself
10. What slows down the processing of ASD individuals?
slow learning
inherent inability
It's a different process entirely
11. Having Autism enough, there aren't people with more than that, are there?
Of course not, my god would do no such thing
Most ASD individuals have several other co-occurring disorders
Co-occurring syndromes and disorders occur as frequently as they do among the rest of the population
no, Autism itself isn't real
12. Is Autism curable?
Yes, just go gluten free!
of course! They don't HAVE to be annoying!
With lots of therapy.
13. What is "Masking"?
Wearing Halloween masks!
When an Autist portrays social skills by imitation or episodic replay
Wearing your medical mask to fight the Rona!
When an Autist makes a joke.
14. What is Masking like for the ASD individual?
Easy, takes no effort.
Each is different but almost always very taxing and exhausting over long periods of time.
extremely difficult and almost impossible
There is no such thing as masking.
15. Is the goal of Autism therapy focused on a happy Autist or a tortured Autist and happy bystanders?
A Tortured, Masked Autist who can participate in capitalistic slavery
A happy Autist
Someone capable of happiness, self improvement, and self love
a dead Autist
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