Famous Battles of World War II # 1

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Quiz by Doppelganger
Last updated: June 1, 2013
First submittedMarch 3, 2013
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Name of battle
The 1st battle of World War II , Polish forces held stubbornly against a larger German Army at a small peninsula at the mouth of the Vistula River but were eventually defeated .
Battle of Westerplatte
Outnumbered German and Austrian mountain troopers were defeated by a Franco - British army at this small Norwegian port , but the victors left after hearing of the German invasion of France .
Battle of Narvik
BEF , Belgian and French forces held firm against General von Rundstedt's Panzer division at this French coastal city , allowing vessels from Britain to rescue most of the stranded soldiers .
Battle of Dunkirk
Here , the Luftwaffe failed to defeat the Royal Air Force in a 10 month aerial battle over Great Britian .
Battle of Britain
German paratroopers secure this Mediterranean island in this battle , but suffer heavy losses , prompting Hitler to never use paratroopers again in direct battle .
Battle Of Crete
In this double battle , Soviet forces in Belarus are obliterated by the rapidly advancing German Wehrmacht .
Battle of Bialystok - Minsk
German and Finnish forces lay a bloody two and a half year siege to this northern Russian city , but were forced to withdraw after multiple Soviet counterattacks .
Siege Of Leningrad
A Japanese bombardment of this American naval port resulted in the start of the Pacific theatre of Wolrd War II .
Battle of Pearl Harbor
A disastrous Japanese naval attempt to capture this island atoll in 1942 resulted in a decisive victory by the U.S. Carrier Fleet .
Battle of Midway
An American , New Zealand and Australian force successfully defended this tactically vital island in the Solomon Islands from Japanese landing troops .
Battle of Guadalcanal
The Soviets encircled and decisively defeated the German army in this battle , which is also the Soviets' first major victory on the Eastern Front .
Battle of Stalingrad
The last major German victory on the Eastern Front , General Erich von Manstein and his Panzers used superior tactics to defeat a Soviet army more than twice their size .
Battle of Kharkov
In the largest tank battle in history , Soviet Armoured Divisions scored a victory over German Panzers , despite the fact that the battle was of the Germans' choosing in time , location and method .
Battle of Kursk
Level 71
Mar 3, 2013
Actually the Pacific Theater was already engulfed in war before December 7th--it just didn't involve the US. You might have made the Midway and Guadalcanal questions a little harder. Also, it's Mediterranean.
Level 62
Jan 21, 2015
There were four battles for Kharkov. Please specify Third Battle of Kharkov. The first major Soviet victory was not at Stalingrad, it was outside Moscow. The Germans were never able to mount an offensive against the capital after that. Also, be aware that Japan was already engaged in a full scale war with China and had invaded French Indochina before Pearl Harbor ever happened.