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1982020-01-22Guess The Anime Opening Song
902021-06-02Countries Ending With The Letter A
452019-06-06Deadliest Battles In Human History
412020-01-242nd Largest Cities in Each Country
372021-05-25Latin Translations of the Seven Deadly Sins
272019-10-22Country Flag Center Quiz
272020-01-22Guess The Anime Opening Song 2
272019-06-01Hearthstone-Legendary Card Quotes
252018-10-12Fairy Tail Quiz (Difficult)
242019-12-18Food Quiz
222018-11-09Biggest U.S. Lakes
202019-12-20WWII Quiz By Letter -A
192019-12-18Odd Pokemon Type Combinations
182019-06-06Landforms By Picture
182019-10-01All British Warship Losses During WW2
152020-02-18Hearthstone- Greater Than 10
102019-10-04Port City Capitals
92020-01-21Hearthstone- Groups of Five
72021-05-14Hearthstone- All Legendary Cards
62020-01-10Hearthstone- All Rogue Legendary Cards
42020-02-18Hearthstone- 1/1 Minions
42020-01-22Hearthstone- Groups of Three
32020-01-10Hearthstone- Legendaries by Stats
32020-11-21Overwatch League Starting Rosters
32019-05-07Hearthstone- Scrambled Legendaries
32020-01-15Hearthstone- Best Rated Cards
22020-02-18Hearthstone- All Hero Powers
22020-01-22Burn the Ships Lyrics
22020-02-18Hearthstone- All Weapon Cards
22021-05-28Hearthstone- All Dragons
12020-01-10Hearthstone- Minions by Deathrattle
12020-01-15Hearthstone- Worst Rated Legendaries
12020-02-19Hearthstone- 0 Attack Minions
02021-05-14OWL Players (Current and Former)
02021-06-03OWL Players (Current & Former) 2
02020-02-03Hearthstone- Legendary Minions with Multiple Variants
02020-01-15Hearthstone- Worst Rated Cards
02019-06-01Hearthstone- Four Horsemen
02021-06-02All Korean Players in OWL