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6952020-02-19Die 100 häufigsten Baby-Mädchenvornamen Deutschlands
4982020-02-18Die 100 häufigsten Baby-Jungenvornamen Deutschlands
2622020-12-08Top 30 'Goodest' Countries
2612020-02-28Die häufigsten deutschen Vornamen in den 1900er Jahren
2492020-10-04British Prime Ministers by Picture
2182020-02-17Größte Städte in den Niederlanden
1702020-02-14Größte Städte im Vereinigten Königreich
1502020-02-12Größte Städte der Türkei
1412020-12-09Größte Städte Polens
1282021-04-11Territorien des Britischen Weltreichs im Jahre 1920
1242020-03-08A-Z Cities That End in A
1002020-03-31List of High Income Countries
952020-02-1920 Most Corrupt Countries in the World
822019-11-30Biggest Cities/Towns in each German State - Extreme
812021-04-11Territories of the British Empire in 1920
762021-05-04Namen chemischer Verbindungen
722020-02-15Flagge der Länder mit mehr als 50 Millionen Menschen
692019-03-10Countries that Produce the Most Avocados
662020-12-23States in which Biden did worse than Clinton
662021-04-11Die 14 Britischen Überseegebiete
632020-12-29Europäische Hauptstädte nach Sehenswürdigkeit
622019-11-26Most Common German Verbs to English - Random Order
552019-03-16Countries that Produce the Most Cucumbers
552020-12-11Größte Städte Irlands
542020-02-14Größte Städte Japans
542020-02-17Historische Nationalflaggen Quiz
522020-12-04Länder mit den größten ausschließlichen Wirtschaftszonen
512020-03-11Cities by Their German Names
482020-12-04Größte Städte Südafrikas
482020-12-07Städte in den Vereinigten Staaten nach Bild
432019-02-27A-Z Cities That End in E
432020-12-17Größte Städte der Ukraine
402020-12-25Frühere Hauptstadtnamen Quiz
392019-11-26Random Common German Nouns Quiz #1
392021-05-24Islands That Start with C
382020-03-08World City Flags Quiz
372020-02-08British Commonwealth Countries with the Largest Nominal GDP
362019-03-10Countries that Produce the Most Apricots
362020-03-08Countries by Non-Capital Cities
362020-04-03Countries with the Lowest HDI A-Z
352021-05-24Islands That Start with A
332019-12-10Words by International Phonetic Alphabet
332021-06-11Islands That Start with S
322020-03-12Countries of the World without a Map or Text
322019-03-15Countries that Produce the Most Coconuts
322021-05-25European Cities in European Languages
312020-10-04Countries Suffering the Most from Hunger
312021-05-31Islands That Start with F
312021-05-24Islands That Start with B
302020-04-02Countries with the Highest HDI A-Z
302020-02-27Body Parts Based on Their Anatomical Terms
302019-02-27A-Z Cities That End in D
292020-04-02U.S Presidential Campaign Slogans Quiz
282020-12-26World Capitals by Satellite Image
282021-06-07Islands That Start with M
282019-03-10Countries that Produce the Most Apples
282021-06-11Islands That Start with T
282019-05-22A-Z Cities That End in I
282020-04-12German Place Words Quiz
272020-12-06Größte Städte Ägyptens
272019-11-27Basic German Grammar Quiz
262020-11-052020 Battleground States
262021-06-03Islands That Start with H
252019-02-27A-Z Cities That End in O
252020-11-15German Modes of Transport Quiz
252020-12-29European Capitals by Picture of Landmark
242020-04-09British and American Words by Common Definition #3
242021-06-03Islands That Start with G
242020-07-16U.S States by Vote Margin in the 2016 Presidential Election
232021-06-07Islands That Start with N
232021-01-19Bermuda Quiz
232020-03-10Countries with the Biggest Gender Gap
232020-03-10A-Z Cities That End in R
232019-02-28A-Z Cities That End in H
222020-12-30Asiatische Hauptstädte nach Sehenswürdigkeit
222020-02-17Provinzen Südafrikas
222019-11-28German False Friends
212021-06-10Islands That Start with P
212021-06-04Islands That Start with I
212019-03-14Countries that Produce the Most Cherries
212020-04-09British and American Words by Common Definition #1
212019-11-30Flags of the British Empire, 1920
202019-02-27A-Z Cities That End in G
202021-01-02Happy New Year in European Languages
202021-06-11Islands That Start with W
192019-11-27German Noun Genders by Suffix
192021-02-21First 10 English Counties Alphabetically
182021-06-10Islands That Start with R
182020-06-16All Countries in their Official Languages
182019-11-26Random Common German Nouns Quiz #2
172020-12-30Asian Capitals by Picture of Landmark
172019-11-231920s Song Titles Quiz
172020-12-13State Seals of the United States
172020-04-02Countries with the Smallest Economies A-Z
172020-04-09British and American Words by Common Definition #2
162021-06-07Islands That Start with L
162020-06-21German Occupation Words Quiz
162019-11-30Countries with a Credit Rating below BBB-
162019-11-30Council Areas of Scotland
162020-03-25Biggest Cities in India A-Z
152020-11-17Countries that Use the Franc
142021-05-24Islands That Start with D
142020-04-14German Geographical Features Quiz
142020-12-25U.S. Counties with the Largest GDPs
132021-05-29Islands That Start with E
132021-06-05Islands That Start with J
132021-01-22Happy Days Are Here Again Lyrics
132020-09-17Countries by Sentences from Their Constitutions
132020-12-23U.S. Counties with the Highest Per-Capita Income
122021-01-18Johnny B. Goode Lyrics
122021-06-06Islands That Start with K
122021-03-31Cities in Different Countries Tile Quiz
112020-03-30Great Offices of State in the United Kingdom
112021-05-29Media Outlets in the White House Press Briefing Room
112020-03-22Biggest Cities in Kenya
112020-07-10Bordering Countries - Tile Select Quiz
62020-11-19Countries that Use a Dinar
52019-11-30Chinese Provinces by Former Spelling
42020-02-19Cheek to Cheek Lyrics