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3692020-04-03Nursing Quiz #1
1912019-01-16Name that AFL Footballer #1
1432018-11-30Biology Quiz #1
1332018-11-11International Destinations from Adelaide
962019-01-17Which City is Bigger?
792018-11-17General Knowledge Quiz #1
732018-11-30International Destinations from Austin
692019-01-16Name that Basketballer #1
662019-01-16What doesn't belong in each group?
642020-04-0410 Historical People You Probably Do Know
632018-11-20U.S Route 66 States
612018-11-30International Destinations from Tampa
592018-11-1120 Elements Quiz
562018-11-12Cities by Country Quiz (Hard)
532020-04-03Aviation Companies Quiz
512018-12-01Commonly Misspelled Cities and Countries
512018-12-01Airlines operating the Southern Cross route
492018-11-23Mountaineering Quiz
482020-04-0410 Historical People You Probably Don't Know
482018-11-11Music Artists by Songs
472018-11-11Name Australian Airports by IATA Code (Hard)
452018-11-18General Knowledge Quiz #2
422018-12-04North Carolina College Towns
422018-11-10World Cities by Tourist Attractions
382018-12-03Countries of Male Tennis Players
382018-11-30International Destinations from Nadi
382018-12-01Oldest Operating Airlines in the World
382020-04-03Letter A Quiz
372018-12-03Australian Suburbs Quiz
352020-04-05Foods by Country Quiz
342018-11-19ACC College Towns
342019-01-17Flags Quiz #2
342019-01-17Flags Quiz #1
332019-01-18Three Letter Mammals Quiz
322018-11-30International Destinations from Cairns
312020-05-16Name that Tennis Player #1
312020-05-03Australian Fish Quiz
312018-11-14American Cities by Airport Code and State
292018-11-30International Destinations from Port Vila
292020-04-04Letter B Quiz
292018-11-15Name the Sports Star #1
292020-04-05International Destinations from Darwin
292020-04-04NBL Teams
292018-12-03International Destinations from Honiara
282018-11-12South Australian Quiz #1
282018-12-24Rivers of Australia
272018-11-20Triple Crown of Hiking
262018-12-02Where Were These Celebrities Born? #1
262018-11-30International Destinations from Noumea
242019-01-16Airport Codes Quiz #1
242018-11-20Name the Australian States by Area Size
232019-01-16Name the Animal #1
222020-04-29Australian States Map Quiz
222020-04-3020 Largest Cities in Oceania
222019-01-17Iconic Australian Picture Quiz
222020-05-02Which City in South Australia?
212018-12-24Famous Australians #2
202019-01-16Name the Animal #2
202018-11-20Islands of Australia Quiz
192020-04-30Love Island Australia Contestants 2018
192020-05-06Guess that Picture #1
182020-04-06International Destinations from Suva
182018-11-11Australian Airport Codes
182020-05-07Transcontinental Countries
182018-12-24Famous Australians #1
172020-04-07International Destinations from Apia
162020-04-06Airport Codes Quiz #2
162020-04-04Regions of Australian States
152020-04-30Austin's 20 Hardest Capitals Quiz
142020-04-07International Destinations from Pago Pago
142018-11-16Calvin Harris Songs
132020-05-06Countries with Territorial Claims on Antarctica
122018-11-20Name Australia's External Territories
112020-05-07Tax Havens Quiz
92020-05-03Love Island Australia Contestants 2019
92018-11-11Australian States and Territories in 1 Minute
92020-04-05Australian National Parks by Landmark (Easy Edition)
92018-11-16National Three Peaks Challenge (UK)
92020-04-02Which city is in the Australian state or territory provided
82020-05-04Australian Prime Ministers
82018-11-17Continent High Points Quiz
72018-11-11Australian History
62020-05-05Austin's 20 Easiest Capitals Quiz
52018-11-17Name the Big Bash League Teams
42018-11-16The Seven Summits (Messner List)
42020-05-16Name my favourite song from each artist
42020-04-30Major Settlements on Australia's Highway One
32020-04-06Cities visited by AustinBaker123
32020-05-01Oceania City Subgroups Quiz
22020-04-29Great River Road US States
22018-11-16The Seven Summits (Bass List)
22018-11-16State 8 Peaks (Australia)
12018-11-16Aussie 10 Peaks