Statistics for Famous People From History

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1879Physicist with crazy hair. Apparently the Nazis had a bounty on his head.Albert Einstein
1564Talented Tudor playwright. His mates probably called him Bill.William Shakespeare
1412French teen who liked armour, crosses and kicking English butt.Joan of Arc
1452The quintessential Italian Renaissance Man. Apparently he could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. And was probably gay.Leonardo da Vinci
1162Possibly the most successful military leader of all time. An Asian guy with reddish hair who liked little horses and furry hats.Genghis Khan
1451Spanish queen who started the Spanish Inquision and bankrolled Christopher Columbus.Queen Isabella
1732General/politician. His wife's name was Martha. Apparently she was pretty hot.George Washington
1533"I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king..." Posh English redhead.Queen Elizabeth I
1818Influencial German writer/philosopher. His tomb in London's Highgate Cemetry reads "WORKERS OF ALL LANDS UNITE".Karl Marx
384 BCInfluencial philosopher and tutor to Alexander the Great. Apparently, he agreed to let a hot babe named Phyllis ride on his back so that she'd sleep with him.Aristotle
1815Architect of the Second Reich. A big battleship and the state capital of North Dakota, USA are named after him.Otto von Bismarck
1783'The Liberator'. He drove the Spanish out of much of South America... and his mustache and sideburns looked pretty cool.Simon Bolivar
1820English woman, born in Italy. She advanced medical practices while serving in the Crimean War. Was sick in bed... for almost 60 years.Florence Nightingale
1769Military/political leader. Sold Louisiana to the Americans and was scared of cats.Napoleon Bonaparte
100 BCBisexual Roman general, lawyer, politician and epileptic, later turned into a God.Julius Caesar
1755Austrian royal who moved to France. Supposedly, champagne coupe glasses are modelled on the shape of her breast.Marie Antoinette
1137/1138Muslim who wiped the floor with the Christians during the Crusades. Respected for his chivalry and for giving away almost all his wealth.Saladin
1599English general and politician who apparently said "Paint me warts and all".Oliver Cromwell
1552Posh pirate. Also an explorer and populariser of tabacco use. They chopped his head off.Sir Walter Raleigh
484 BC"The Father of History", "The Father of Lies". His book "The Histories" reads like a travel journal and is surprisingly readable.Herodotus

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