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387,6882018-09-03 Digits of Pi
169,5432021-01-20 Presidential First Names
109,5352020-12-16 Top 30 Most Powerful Militaries
47,0362020-09-27 Top 10 World Cities Through History
45,4962019-12-09 Most Common English Verbs
35,6712020-01-24 Most Populous Countries in 1950
35,3732020-10-14 Countries by Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Capita
34,8072019-09-15 100 Biggest US Cities in 1900
32,6332020-09-05 X-Men Mutants
31,5352018-11-14 Most Common English Nouns
31,0532013-06-27 Foods by Country #2
28,9332021-01-20 Presidential Middle Names
28,7512015-08-25 100 Best-Reviewed Animated Films
26,3612017-10-27 Saudi Arabia Country Quiz
22,2962016-08-22 Countries that have won a Gold Medal in Soccer
21,4442019-01-08 Countries With the Largest Air Forces
20,0022018-11-14 Hottest Capital Cities
18,9742020-01-01 World Leaders of the World Wars
18,1492021-01-08 Characters Played by Multiple Actors
15,0852018-09-10 Embarrassing Chapters in US History
13,0122019-12-22 Actors by Recurring Role
12,9842018-11-10 G1 The Transformers Quiz
12,0002020-06-25 Palestine Country Quiz
11,9112020-10-05 World Leaders Quiz #2
11,0742021-02-12 Pork Eating Countries
11,0562020-05-19 World Leaders of the Cold War
10,9272018-11-10 Locations by Letter - I
9,3092018-11-04Most visited cities in the USA
8,8382018-09-17 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #2
7,4892020-10-04 Airports Named for People #2
7,0342019-12-17 Characters Played by Multiple Actors #3
6,0252017-02-20 The George Washington Presidency
5,5282018-10-20 Pord Wuzzle
5,2282016-11-08 The Thomas Jefferson Presidency
4,8952018-09-17The "Are You Too Dumb to Live?" Quiz
4,6292017-12-20 The John Adams Presidency
4,3282016-04-2730 Countries With Largest Active Military Reserve
4,1922019-05-06Oldest Cities by Country
4,0882018-12-10Most Popular Given Names by Country
4,0642018-12-08Most Common English Adjectives
4,0452018-10-17Fastest Animals
3,9892018-11-04The Islam Quiz
3,8342014-07-01Longest Lasting Empires
3,6952018-10-14Countries with the Most Tourists (actual)
3,2712018-09-07Biggest Military Spenders (as a percentage of GDP)
3,1692016-07-21Films Based on Video Games
3,0372018-09-07Countries Where Religion is Most (and Least) Important
2,9792018-11-24Most Common Surnames by Country
2,4782018-11-11Adjacent Capital Pair Superlatives
2,4032018-09-17Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 1
2,3552018-10-04History by Letter - X
2,3402018-12-10U.S. States by Namesake or Name Meaning
2,2772018-10-15Last Countries to Abolish Slavery
2,2012018-10-13American Immigrants by Country (2010)
2,1582018-10-15Countries With the Most Brain Power
2,0542018-12-10Movies that have won the most Oscars
1,9832015-09-03Actors With Frequently Recurring Roles
1,9322018-10-18Awesome 80s and 90s Cartoon Theme Songs
1,8322018-11-04Countries With the Largest Breast Size
1,7972014-05-20KalBahamut's Travel Across Europe Quiz
1,7002018-10-15Movies By Absurd Death
1,6432018-10-18Wealthiest Countries (nominal GDP per capita)
1,6372019-01-18Diaspora of the Philippines
1,5672014-11-22Band Names by Synonym #2
1,5462018-12-11Movie Title Antonyms #Whatever
1,5422018-12-02More Google suggestions
1,5212018-11-24World Leaders From History
1,5122018-09-29Former Countries by Capital #2
1,5052018-09-17Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 2
1,4872018-09-28Countries with the Most AIDS
1,4192015-02-23What's In Food
1,4082018-10-1620 Most Generous Countries
1,3702018-10-18Words After Cities
1,3422018-12-11Best and Worst US Presidents
1,3302018-10-04Countries With the Hottest Women
1,3222019-02-17Countries that Beat Tuvalu
1,3212020-06-10Countries With the Shortest Women
1,2942018-10-18Gayest Places in America
1,2782014-04-02Countries With the Largest Debt to GDP Ratios
1,2782018-12-06Most Googled Words, 2004-2015
1,2022018-09-28Stupid Americans
1,1842015-05-10World's 100 Best Airports 2014
1,1592018-10-15Movies by Questionable Premise
1,1452018-09-17Are You Too Dumb To Live #2
1,1392018-12-01Even More Google Suggestions
1,1092015-07-08Movies With Numbers as Titles
1,0722018-12-10Countries by Namesake
1,0692019-03-07Countries and Languages #2
1,0592018-09-17Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 3
1,0552016-02-24Very Tricky Analogies
1,0502018-10-15Countries With The Smallest Breasts
1,0362019-03-15Cities by Famous Street #2
1,0282014-12-13Countries That Do Not Recognize Palestine
1,0102019-07-07All FIFA and Olympic Football (Soccer) Champions by Year
1,0042018-09-28Top 10 Countries by Gun-Related Death Rate
9702018-09-07Largest Cities of Saudi Arabia
9652016-12-09Books by Setting, One per State
9572015-03-24HIghest Grossing Films by Genre
9292018-11-24World Leaders of the 19th Century
8962018-09-07Famous Mistresses, Masters, Lovers and Cheaters
8672021-03-21UNESCO World Heritage Sites #2
8462015-01-03Movie Title Antonyms - Classic Edition
7662018-12-02Most Mentioned Quran Characters
7652018-12-1020 Countries With the Highest Rate of Cancer
7572018-12-10The Worst Highest Grossing Movies of All Time
7552018-12-10Songs From Animated Musicals
7142018-11-24Oldest Cities by Country (Abridged)
7012016-08-21Countries by Olympic Medals Won in Football Through 2012
6922016-11-28The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency
6902018-12-02Movie Antonyms #Whatever Part 2
6902021-03-08Censorship Around the World
6712018-12-01Cities With the Largest Shopping Malls
6692018-09-17Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 4
6672018-10-04More Google Suggestions Than You Can ________
6582018-12-10Countries With the Highest Rate of Immigration
6522018-10-01KalBahamut's April Fools Quiz
6142018-10-18Pork Eschewing Countries
6052018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors - original version
5772016-03-15World's 100 Best Airports 2015
5622018-12-01World's Best External Intelligence Agencies
5602018-11-24Personality Cults - Name That Miracle!
5352018-10-15Top Earning Dead Celebrities
5332014-12-1426 Least Politically Stable Countries (2009-2010)
5012015-03-07BBC English As Heard By An American
4902015-07-08Most Bankable Directors (per film average)
4822018-11-0420 Top-Selling Atari 2600 Games
4802020-10-23The Kalbahamut Quiz
4682018-09-17Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 5 (2011-2018)
4642014-09-03Pord Wuzzle (Difficulty: Impossible)
4632018-12-03South Park Voices
4632014-11-16Famous Recurring Roles by Actor
4442019-11-19Middle East A-Z #2
4422018-11-05Fastest Cars (production cars around the track)
4392018-10-16Pop Songs By Synopsis
4342018-10-18Famous People Who Are Randy
4232018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors # 2
4122018-11-26Film Remakes
4052019-06-06Actors Who Played Multiple Comics Characters
4012018-10-19Highest Body Count Films
3922019-02-25Superhero Nicknames #2
3782018-12-02Kings of Saudi Arabia
3712015-02-13Famous Parents
3692018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #5
3632018-12-05SNL Feature Films
3572014-07-18Where Is AIDS growing fastest (and shrinking fastest)?
3372018-09-23Cities by Famous Street #3
3362018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #3
3192018-10-01KalBahamut's April Fools Quiz #2
3162018-10-16World's Largest Employers
3132015-05-28Richest Celebrities
3082018-09-23Cities by Famous Street #4
2962018-11-04Nine Inch Nails discography
2912019-01-10Which Facebook "Likes" Make You Look Smart (or not)?
2892018-12-10Countries With the Highest Rate of Emigration
2742017-01-29Countries Affected by Donald Trump's Travel Ban
2682018-11-25City Where Happy Things Happened
2652018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #4
2582018-10-15KalBahamut's Travel Through Asia Quiz
2572018-12-01Characters Played By Different Actors #7
2542019-01-05World's 100 Best Airports 2018
2462019-11-15Middle East A-Z #3
2422018-12-10Which Facebook "Like"s Show Your Political Affiliation?
2402014-08-29Pord Wuzzle (Difficulty: Hard!)
2302018-12-03Most Popular Websites of the 1990s
2282018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #6
2242018-10-18Weird Al Parodies #3
2202019-03-07Countries and Languages #3
2132018-10-16Stars' Worst Films
2102018-09-07We Saw Your Boobs
2082019-03-15Cities by Famous Street #5
2032021-01-10Is It Terrorism?
2022020-05-18Famous Weapons by Name
1982018-11-05Characters Played By Different Actors #9
1982018-10-19Westworld Season 1 Trivia
1952019-06-26Movies by Spoiler #2
1952018-12-0113th Century A-Z
1862016-09-10Locations by Letter - XQZ
1812018-12-10International Acronyms
1812014-10-01Body Parts by Cliche Attribute
1712018-11-24Common Surnames by Country #2
1712018-10-15We Saw Your Boobs #2
1692019-11-29Stuff White People Like
1672018-12-10Brands by US State
1652018-11-05Characters Played By Different Actors #8
1632019-03-0950 Best-Cast Roles (and 10 Worst) in Comic Book Movies
1632018-12-15The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)
1612018-10-16Famous Muhammads
1542018-10-13Movies Based on a True Story #3
1532018-10-15World's Most Ethical Companies
1512018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #10
1492018-09-07Voice Actors
1422018-10-15Nothing to See Here
1412015-02-16Which Facebook "Like"s Reveal Your Orientation?
1392019-08-01Songs by Picture Quiz - Good Music Edition
1362018-10-04Middle East A-Z #4
1352019-04-03Celebrities by Synonym
1312017-08-27Marvel Contest of Champions Playable Characters
1252019-05-22Middle East A-Z #5
1252018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #11
1242018-10-23Movies Based on a True Story #4
1242019-01-08Countries With the Largest Air Forces -Top 30
1212018-12-15Which Facebook "Like"s Indicate your "race?"
1202015-11-19omni words
1202018-10-16Countries by Priapic Termini Interval
1172019-03-06North American Pro Sports Teams - With Cities as Hints
1162018-10-18Hollywood's Least Valuable Actors
1142018-03-09Countries My Car Has Been
1132018-10-19Car Names by Alternate Definition #3
1122018-09-28Weird Al Yankovic Style Parodies - very hard!
1092018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #12
1082018-12-03Most Watched South Park Episodes by Season
1042018-09-28Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites
1032021-02-22Places My Car Has Been
932018-03-08Cities My Car Has Been
912018-10-19Car Names by Alternate Definition #4
872018-10-19Characters by Sound
862021-03-30Are You Too Dumb to Live 3
802018-11-20Attractions of the Smithsonian Institution
642019-06-14Comic Book Movie Villains
632019-05-22Things That are Things
612018-11-05Characters Played by Different Actors #13
512015-09-11Longest-Running Vegas Shows in Modern History
502019-02-17Countries that Beat Belgium
482019-05-13US Navy Fleet HQ Locations
452018-10-15Heroes by City
232014-08-25Track Listing for The Fragile (1999)