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Famous Muhammads

See if you can name these people that share the most popular name in the world.
might want to stick to guessing last names since there are so many different spellings of Muhammad.
Quiz by kalbahamut
First submittedMay 27, 2013
Last updatedOctober 16, 2018
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Great boxer born Cassius Clay
Muhammad Ali
9/11 hijacker
Mohamed Atta
"The Artist of Arabs," the Arab Sinatra
Mohammed Abdu
Leader of the Songhai Empire
Askia Mohammad I
Suicide bomber of the London Underground
Mohammad Sidique Khan
Founder of Pakistan
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Algerian writer
Mohammed Dib
Businessman and father of famous terrorist
Mohammed bin Laden
Prime minister of Iran ousted by a coup.
Mohammad Mosaddegh
Taleban leader of Afghanistan until 2001
Mohammed Omar
The last Shah of Iran
Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi
The last king of Afghanistan
Mohammed Zahir Shah
First president of Egypt
Muhammad Naguib
President of Egypt ousted in a 2013 coup
Mohamed Morsi
Persian polymath of the Islamic golden age
Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī
9th Century skeptic and critic of Islam
Muhammad al Warraq
Nobel laureate
Muhammad Yunus
Nation of Islam leader born Poole
Elijah Muhammad
Mastermind of 9/11
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
level 71
May 27, 2013
Good quiz. But can you show a little leniency on the spelling of Mosaddegh? I know that the second d is not gratuitous, but . . .
level 76
May 27, 2013
Sure thing. I'll add some alternates.
level 76
Jan 7, 2014
If anyone else has trouble with the spellings of the names (which, for the most part, are transliterated from Arabic or Urdu or Farsi or some other language and have many multiple spellings), please let me know what you typed in and I can add those as alternates as well.
level 75
Sep 25, 2014
I tried Smith and Jones but neither were accepted. :) Actually surprised I knew two, but should have gotten a couple more.
level 66
Jan 23, 2016
I think the clue for al-Razi can be improved; I knew who he was but there are so many persian muslim polymaths it wasn't very specific. I tried al-khwarezmi and al-Kindi among others. He was most famous for being a physician, and he was also better known as Abu-Bakr rather than Muhammad. Alternatively, you could mentioned that he is known in the west as Rhazes.