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7482021-08-19High School Foreign Languages
1832020-04-27The Originals Characters
1362020-09-01Vampire Diaries Universe Deaths
1272020-09-30Gilmore Girls Characters
1102020-03-14Vampire Diaries Characters
932020-11-192020 Election States (DEM vs GOP)
672020-01-18World Leaders during WW2
542020-11-192020 Election Results
492019-11-08Vampire Diaries Characters
422020-10-24Vampire Diaries Big-Bads
422020-08-10Losing Presidential Nominees
412020-12-06Best Presidents of the United States
322020-11-20Best Electoral College Performances
312021-01-25People Who Almost Became President
292020-10-15Vampire Diaries Characters by Netflix Mentions
282020-09-302020 Democratic Candidates
282021-01-02Riverdale Characters
282021-05-31Democratic Primary Runner-Ups
272020-10-04Best 3rd Party Performances in United States History
242019-12-01Harry Potter Deaths
242020-04-23Vampire Diaries Characters
232020-12-09Best Electoral College Hauls
222020-10-25Most Liberal Senators
212021-01-25Important Figures in Politics: 2020-2021
212020-07-30Democratic Nominees for President
192020-12-12Major Party Candidates Who Got the Most Votes
172021-03-24Largest American Third Parties
172020-11-27Highest Percentage of the Vote Obtained
172021-03-23Countries With Over 1 Million Covid-19 Cases
152020-06-22Community Characters
152020-07-30Vampire Diaries Book Trivia
142021-05-31Republican Primary Runner-Ups
142020-08-26Vampire Diaries Crossovers
122021-01-28Avatar: The Last Airbender Characters
122021-01-2721st Century Popular Vote Totals
122021-07-13Scooby Doo Animated Movies
102021-02-02Biggest Popular Vote Margins
102019-11-16Book Questions
92020-05-28Vampire Diaries Book Characters
72021-02-21The Flash Characters