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3712021-04-12Total Drama Characters Quiz
2272020-02-07Star Wars Battlefront II Hero Quiz
2212021-02-18Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Quiz
1962021-01-12Every Marvel Movie Ever (MCU, X-Men, Spider Man)
1862021-01-15How Many Movies can you name in 5 Minutes?
1752020-07-20Danganronpa All Students Quiz
1332020-02-07Ace Attorney All Characters Quiz
1052021-02-16Every MCU Marvel Movie Quiz
512019-02-09Speed Typing from 1 to 500
492020-11-14Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hero Quiz
422019-02-09How Many Nintendo Video Games Can You Name?
412021-03-19Marvel Strike Force Character Quiz
382021-01-12Persona 5 Character Quiz
372019-01-25Every Nintendo Character part 1:Super Mario Series
342020-07-10Danganronpa Characters Quiz
332020-04-28My Singing Monsters Monsters Quiz
322019-02-13Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Quiz
302020-01-14Super Smash Bros. Fan Roster V1
282020-02-19How Many Video Game Franchises can you Name?
262020-02-19Lego Star Wars Character Quiz (Complete Saga-TCW-TFA)
252020-02-07Super Smash Bros. Fan Roster V1 Remake
252021-02-25Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronics Quiz
242021-03-07The Ultimate Persona 3-4-5 Song Quiz (with Spin-offs)
242021-01-15The ULTIMATE Danganronpa Character Quiz
232020-02-20MCU Characters Quiz
202020-02-26120 Star Wars Characters in 5 Minutes
202020-02-05Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna Quiz
202020-05-24Marvel Future Fight Character Quiz
202020-02-01Every Button on the Keyboard
172019-02-13Super Smash Bros. N64 Quiz
172021-02-24Marvel Contest of Champions Champion Quiz
172020-02-06Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action Quiz
162020-04-17MCU Every Character Quiz
152021-03-10Friday Night Funkin' Character Quiz
142020-02-24Overwatch All Hero Quiz(All 30)
132021-03-26Nintendo Consoles Quiz
132020-02-07Star Wars Battlefront II Classes
122021-01-15Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U All Characters Quiz
112020-11-19Star Wars Characters Quiz
112020-11-06Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Every Character Quiz
112020-02-27Star Wars Battlefront II Reinforcements Quiz
112021-01-15Super Smash Bros. 4 3DS All Characters Quiz
112020-02-05Star Wars Battlefront Hero Quiz
112020-02-01Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Characters Quiz
102021-03-11Rainbow Six Siege Operators Quiz
102020-02-01Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Playable Characters Quiz
102021-03-21Friday Night Funkin' Song Quiz
102021-03-11Star Wars Main Character Quiz
92021-03-10Persona Games Quiz
92021-03-11Minecraft Mobs Quiz
92021-02-16Star Wars Movies in 30 seconds
92019-02-13Super Smash Bros. Brawl All Characters Quiz
82020-02-19My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Quiz
82020-02-06Star Wars Movies in 1 Minute
82021-03-26PlayStation Consoles Quiz
82021-03-04Persona 5 Strikers Main Characters Quiz
72021-03-01Persona 4 Main Characters Quiz
72021-02-17Danganronpa Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
72020-04-01Marvel Super War Hero Quiz
72020-02-07Star Wars Battlefront II Game Modes Quiz
72020-07-03Marvel Future Fight Character Quiz (no hints)
62021-02-24Marvel Avengers Academy Character Quiz
62021-01-15Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Quiz pt. 1 (001-500)
62020-03-29Super Smash Bros. Fan Roster V2
52021-02-26Persona 3 / 4 / 5 Dancing Character Quiz
52021-02-16Danganronpa V3 Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
52021-03-01Persona 3 Main Characters Quiz
52021-03-24Every Playable Fire Emblem Character
52021-03-10Persona Social Links & Confidants Arcana Quiz
42021-02-24Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Characters Quiz
42020-10-16Super Smash Bros. All Characters
42021-01-13Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits Quiz pt. 2 (501-1000)
42021-02-08Persona 4 Character Quiz
42021-02-10Persona 5 Arena (Fan Made Roster)
42020-01-30Total Drama Cove My Way All Characters Quiz
32021-03-08Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Playable Characters Quiz
32021-02-24Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters Quiz
32021-02-16Danganronpa Zero Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
32021-02-16Danganronpa 1 Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
32021-02-16Danganronpa 2 Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
32021-02-26Persona 5 Dancing Character Quiz
32021-02-26Persona 3 Dancing Character Quiz
32021-02-24Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Characters Quiz
32021-02-16Danganronpa: UDG Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
22020-11-04Fire Emblem: Three Houses Playable Characters
22021-01-12Super Smash Bros. Stages Quiz
22021-02-26Persona 4 Dancing Character Quiz
22021-03-10Persona 5 Confidants Quiz
22021-02-26Persona 3 / 5 Dancing Character Quiz
22021-02-25Persona Nickname Quiz
22021-02-16Danganronpa 3 Ultimate Quiz *Spoilers*
22021-03-01Persona 5 Main Characters Quiz
22021-03-01Persona Main Characters Quiz
22021-03-11Persona 3 Social Link Quiz
12021-03-11Octopath Traveler Character Quiz
12021-03-10Persona 5: Royal Confidants Quiz
12021-03-10Persona 4: Golden Social Link Quiz
12021-03-10Persona 4 Social Link Quiz
12021-02-25Super Smash Bros. 4 Assist Trophies Quiz
12021-03-08Persona 4 Arena Playable Characters Quiz
12021-02-25Super Smash Bros. Brawl Assist Trophies Quiz
12021-02-25Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Assist Trophies Quiz
12021-03-06Persona Velvet Room Attendees Quiz
02021-03-11Persona 3 Portable Social Link Quiz