Doctor Who soundtrack quiz #2

How many tracks can you name from the Doctor Who soundtracks, series 8-11?
Quiz by Eka
Last updated: September 8, 2019
First submittedFebruary 24, 2019
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Series 8
Doctor Who Theme (series 8)
A Good Man?
Something It Ate
It's Still Him
Pudding Brains
Hello Hello
A Drink First
Missy's Theme
Aristotle, We Have Been Hit
We're Still Going To Kill You
Tell Me, Am I A Good Man?
What Difference A Good Dalek?
The Truth About The Daleks
Old Fashioned Hero
This Is My Spoon
Robert, Earl of Loxley
The Legend of Robin Hood
Robin of Sherwood
The Golden Arrow
Rupert Pink
The Architect
Rob The Bank
Account Closed
Open Up
The Caretaker
Are You Going To Shoot Me?
When I Say Run
That Is The Moon
Start the Clock
Don't Stop Me Now
There's That Smile
The Sarcophagus Opens
The Artefact
Study Our Own Demise
Not Knowing
Siege Mode
In The Woods
We Weren't Asleep That Long
The Song of Danny and Clara
Throw Away the Key
They Walk Among Us
There Is No Clara Oswald
Missy and Her Boys
A Good Man, An Incredible Liar
I Need To KNow
Missy's Gift
(The Majestic Tale of) An Idiot With A Box
3 Perfectly Ordinary Roof People
Do You Really Believe in Santa?
Unsealing the Infirmary
What Seems To Be The Problem?
We Don't Know What's Real
Thinking About It
Clara's Dream Christmas
The Doctor's Dream Christmas
Dreams Within Dreams
Believe in Santa
Sleigh Ride
A Reunion
Every Christmas is Last Christmas
Series 9
The One in a Thousand
Davros Remembers
Message from Missy
Meeting in the Square
Finding the Doctor
What Have You Done
Davros Approaches
Some Kind of Submarine
The Ghosts
The Bootstrap Paradox
Finding the Fisher King
Another Ghost Has Appeared
We Need To Get Back To The TARDIS
Directions from the Ghosts
Something in the Spacesuit
Two Days on a Longboat
I Am Ashildr
In a Way, She's a Hybrid
I Call Myself Me
They Need Us
The Last Thing We Need
Deep Cover
Just Come Inside
This Is Not A War
Defending the Earth
The Morpheus Song
Saving Rigsy
Madam Mayor
Running from the Raven
Death is Locked In
Face the Raven
A Second Shadow
The Veil
A Fly on a Painting
A Change of Clothes
A Mechanical Maze
Digging a Grave
Tell No Lies
Two Events in Life
Waiting for the Veil
The Final Room
One Confession Away
Break Free
Same Old Day
The Shepherd's Boy
Back Home
The General's Regeneration
A Duty of Care
Clara's Diner
Carol Singers Will Be Criticised
A Dying Husband
The Finest Surgeon in the Galaxy
The Halassi Androvar
The Husbands of River Song
The TARDIS Can't Take Off
Time to do it Properly
Harmony and Redemption
Hydroflax in the TARDIS
Whole Again At Last
All the Firewalls in the Galaxy
A Restaurant with a View
The Woman He Loves
The Singing Towers
Series 11
Series 11 Opening Titles
Getting That Bike
Long Story
This New Nose Is So Unreliable
The Warrior
Sonic Screwdriver
The Doctor
You Really Need To Get Out of Those Clothes
Three Suns
Make It Through Those Ruins
My Beautiful Ghost Monument
Get Out That Door
Parks, Rosa Parks
Artron Energy
This Is Very Bad News
Fishing Take Down
Stand Up Now
A Living Icon for Freedom
Missing You
Insurance Policy
My Fam
Resus One
Thijarian Hive
I Love You Nani
Help in Dispatch
King James
Reverse the Polarity
Made a New Friend
Ranskoor Av Kolos
The Shrine
Keep Your Faith
Me and My Mates
Series 11 End Credits
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