Statistics for Dating Profiles of Fictional Characters

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Dating Profile Fictional Character % Correct
Older Romanian Nobleman looking for a younger woman with a good heart to spend evenings with. I like cooking and I make a mean black pudding, but I never, ever use garlic.Count Dracula
Decorated war hero looking for someone to share a park bench with. I enjoy long distance running, table tennis, and chocolate.Forrest Gump
London gentleman searching for a nice gal to challenge me mentally. I enjoy smoking my pipe, playing my violin, and perchance taking a spot of cocaine to stimulate the senses.Sherlock Holmes
Reclusive Billionaire with an active night life. I enjoy a little cosplay, spending time in my man cave, and inventing cool gadgets. Don't ask why, but I HATE the theatre.Bruce Wayne
Cultured psychiatrist looking for a frequent dinner partner. I would gladly cook for you my specialty...liver with fava beans complimented with a nice '86 Chianti.Hannibal Lecter
Roadside motel owner from Fairvale, CA looking for a nice girl. One that mother would approve of. I would gladly cook you dinner while you relaxed in a nice hot shower after a long day.Norman Bates
How YOU doin'? You wanna date an actor? My likes include pizza, italian meatballs, italian subs, turkey and Grandma's chicken salad...and pizza.Joey Tribbiani
If looks aren't a deal breaker then I'm your man. I am shorter with a pale complexion. I enjoy precious jewely, ESPECIALLY gold rings, and an occasional riddle.Gollum
Lonely London heiress looking for a good time. I like unique fur coats and driving my luxury Panther around town. Definitely more of a cat person.Cruella de Vil
Hard working blue collar italian looking to settle down. I like mushrooms, gold coins, and breaking stuff with my head and for some reason I really, really don't like turtles.Mario
Kazakh filmmaker looking for a specific type of woman. Must be a hot, blond, lifeguard, 5'-7" tall 105 lb with measurments of 36-24-36 and answers to the name Pa-Mella.Borat
Valiant Spaniard with a vivid imagination looking for a fair damsel in distress. I love reading and horseback riding with my squire.Don Quixote
Widowed white male with two kids looking to get back in the game. I am a Lawyer and marksman from Maycomb, Alabama who isn't afraid to represent black defendants.Atticus Finch
Manhattan investment banker looking for a few nice ladies who appreciate the finer things. My likes include expensive designer clothes, Huey Lewis and the News, Genesis, and nice business cards.Patrick Bateman
Single amputee from Nantucket looking for love. I enjoy sailing but have a bit of an obsessive personality.Captain Ahab

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