Countries Hidden in a Letter #1

Countries are hidden in every line of this letter and it is vital you find them!

For example, in the line above, Italy is hidden in the words "vital you".

One country in each line of the letter, not in each sentence.
Ignore all punctuation. Countries may appear within a single word, or across numerous words.
Country names as per Quizmaster's "Countries of the World Quiz"
Quiz by overtired
Last updated: December 12, 2020
First submittedFebruary 17, 2020
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Marcus, I send this secret dispatch in a final attempt to reach
you before my fate is decided. I imagine Interpol and you
have searched for me since I descended into that fjord and
was lost in the storm. I faced death in that hail and wind,
though a natural rocky shelter maintained me until rescued.
Rescued? Ha! By a Soviet named Alexei, who had my father
hostage and wanted the Lost Idol as ransom. Alias assumed to
prevent you following, I was forced to hunt on, galvanised by fear.
The search took me to Goa in monsoon season. Weeks spent
hunting spurious leads in a tuk tuk, rain every day, I nearly
lost faith entirely. But when a vagabond pawnbroker gave an
impromtu valuation of my old talisman, the clue I needed was
revealed. How blind I always was! Right there was the missing
symbol. I, via tortuous cryptography, finally deciphered its
meaning, and with new zeal and hope headed for the Maghreb.
There, on an ancient tomb, rune inscriptions pointed to the city
limits where hidden markings revealed a door in the walls of the
kasbah. A master key I found opened it, and there was the Idol!
But Alexei cheated me. There are many ways to label a Ruskie,
but none which adequately convey the foulness of that fiend.
I am now trying to escape my Siberian cell at viable opportunities.
At the coast I will look for a ship or tug, a launch even, to flee in.
Oh, for the days we'd have taken yachts for pleasure! I now only
wish for a normal, tame life. I fear my father, and the Idol, are lost.
Your calamity-prone pal, Henry
New Zealand
Level 69
Feb 17, 2020
Very very good! Getting 5 stars and my nominate!
Level 79
Feb 17, 2020
Thanks a lot! Happy you liked it :) A couple more of these coming soon...
Level 71
Feb 17, 2020
Excellent I also have given you 5 stars and a nomination . This must have taken hours or even days to compile !
Level 79
Feb 17, 2020
Thanks :) Yeah, took a while but was fun to make. Appreciate the nomination!
Level 43
Dec 11, 2020
can you make more in this series plsssss
Level 68
Dec 12, 2020
Mali is also correct along with Somalia
Level 79
Dec 12, 2020
Good point, thanks, have added it as a type-in.
Level 58
Dec 17, 2020
Great quiz! It's nice to see these really creative quizzes!
Level 83
Dec 18, 2020
Great idea, I had fun.
Level 71
Dec 18, 2020
This was entertaining!
Level 62
Dec 18, 2020
Really cool and original, 5 stars/nominated etc!

Are you a cryptic crossword aficionado by any chance?

And is your real name Henry?

Level 83
Dec 20, 2020
Brilliant!! There were a few countries with short names that I thought for sure you would have used, but to your credit, you took on a bigger challenge. Well done.
Level 55
Dec 22, 2020
Simply amazing. I am lost for words on how creative this was. Easiest nomination ever!
Level 62
Jan 11, 2021
This quiz is immaculate!! I'm sure you put a ton of time into this, so thank you, and I hope you have more creative quizzes to come!!