Statistics for NBA Modern Stars Resemblance from the 90s'

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Modern StarResemblance90's Star% Correct
Kawhi LeonardBig hands, post game, can finish. Great leaper, great defender, in-between game.Defenses proved powerless against them. They could win with speed and quickness or length and strength.Michael Jordan
LeBron Jamessize, versatility, skills, speed,acceleration & visionMagic Johnson
Joel Embiidthe ball fakes, the shoulder shakes, the unnatural agility, the comfort away from the basket, the rim protection.Hakeem Olajuwon
Paul GeorgeBoth have an enviable collection of height, length, agility and strength, culminating in what would appear to be a lab-created defensive stopper.Scottie Pippen
Kevin Durant"They both could dribble, pass and shoot. They both could knock it down from three. They both could play from the post. They both did their best to compete defensively." - Jalen RoseLarry Bird
Anthony DavisGrowth Spurt,Both players retained much of the quickness and skill of their shorter selves even after they attained their full heights."David Robinson
Damian LillardThe ability to wreak havoc from the top of the key, Scoring at the Point Guard PositionTim Hardaway
James HardenBoth are isolation assassin, Drawing Foul Specialists, Bad DefenseAllen Iverson
Giannis AntetokounmpoPositionless BasketballKevin Garnett
Stephen CurryBoth would slip between defenders. Both would unleash the quickest shot around. Both would make passes to teammates who did not even know they were open. And, of course, Both had a glorious shot."Mark Price

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