Analogies of Countries #1

Fill the blanks in these analogies involving countries.
Answer must correspond to the yellow box
Last updated: October 16, 2013
First submittedAugust 14, 2013
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Vatican City is to Italy
Lesotho is to South Africa
Quoc Ngu is to Vietnam
Pinyin is to China
Suvarnabhumi is to Thailand
Schiphol is to Netherlands
Indonesia is to Netherlands
Laos is to France
Everest is to Nepal
Kilimanjaro is to Tanzania
Bundesliga is to Germany
La Liga is to Spain
Islam is to Saudi Arabia
Buddhism is to India
Taipei 101 is to Taiwan
Petronas is to Malaysia
Naypyidaw is to Myanmar
Bogota is to Colombia
.ru is to Russia
.hr is to Croatia
Almaty is to Kazakhstan
Ho Chi Minh City is to
Persian is to Iran
Khmer is to Cambodia
Canary Islands is to Spain
Greenland is to Denmark
Honshu is to Japan
Luzon is to Philippines
Won is to South Korea
Lira is to Turkey
Nepal is to India
Mongolia is to China
El Al is to Israel
Qantas is to Australia
Loire is to France
Po is to Italy
Gobi is to China
Atacama is to Chile
Paella is to Spain
Phở is to Vietnam
Portuguese is to Brazil
Arabic is to Egypt
Giant Panda is to China
Komodo Dragon is to
Level 59
Oct 14, 2013
Great quiz, enjoyed it a lot!
Level 56
Apr 28, 2017
ya, agreed
Level 44
Oct 14, 2013
Wow - that was hard. I guessed a lot of things for Buddhism before finally getting it right. Was it because India was the birthplace of Buddhism? I thought immediately of Japan, then China. I think there are a larger proportion of HIndus in India than Buddhists. That one really threw me off.
Level 52
Dec 27, 2019
It is because of Buddhisms origination.
Level 7
Apr 30, 2014
oh! one of the best quiz ever..i really enjoyed it
Level 53
Oct 10, 2014
Great quiz. Thx. Would like to do another like it.
Level 51
May 11, 2015
Could you accept different spellings for "Kilimanjaro"? I tried a few variations, mostly "Kiliminjaro".
Level 51
Nov 3, 2015
Okay, I can spell Kilimanjaro now.
Level 65
Dec 12, 2019
I love the timespan between both answers
Level 48
Dec 14, 2015
loved it
Level 63
Jan 5, 2016
Cardiaco!!! :D
Level 62
Mar 12, 2016
Spent so long trying to think of countries that start with H. Would never have thought of Croatia. This was really hard.
Level 65
Apr 26, 2016
hr for Croatia please explain someone.
Level 60
Apr 26, 2016
Hrvatska, the name of Croatia in its native language.
Level 53
Jul 6, 2017
For Islam is to Saudi Arabia I was thinking it was like one of the countries has Buddhism as a state religion just as Saudi Arabia has Islam as a state religion. At first, I tried Sri Lanka, then Bhutan, then Thailand, and quit trying it before getting to Cambodia.
Level 73
Aug 28, 2017
I kept putting in Amsterdam for Schiphol, then Rotterdam when that didn't work. Realized just in time that the country was actually asked for, which I find odd anyway, since airports are always linked to cities.
Level 50
Feb 6, 2018
Yes, but the clue in the first part of the equation is obviously a country - Thailand. That's how you know the answer will be a country.
Level 81
Oct 16, 2017
Collecting world coins comes in handy again!
Level 75
Feb 16, 2018
Good quiz, but quite tricky, so I'm disappointed not to find a comment from kalbahamut saying that it was easy.
Level 67
Oct 9, 2019
Man this one made my head hurt ! Still got above average though but it was a tough one. ( but not too tough imo, nice balance, upon seeing the answers only qantas is an unknown to me, eventhough I am sure I came across it before on this site, the name rings no bells, didnt stick)
Level 39
Nov 25, 2019
what is the relationship between Indonesia and the netherlands
Level 65
Dec 12, 2019
Level 65
Jan 14, 2020
Dear me! Fancy not accepting Primera Liga! That's what people commonly call it in the UK. At least the top division, but there again if you say Bundesliga you will generally be meaning the top division. Didn't imagine you required simply La Liga. Perhaps this is a question of my perception from England, since there the top division is a separate entity from the rest of the leagues. Also you got me by requiring that two answers be Vietnam, I tried every other se asian country. Otherwise I would have had 20/20. grr :)
Level 64
Apr 29, 2020
great quiz, 100% first try
Level 51
May 10, 2020
Only 27% guessed Turkish Lira?
Level 65
May 11, 2020
Finally a quiz without American questions! That's why I had 100%.
Level 52
Jan 19, 2021
Level 56
Apr 25, 2021
100% Guessed Po to be Italy.

No clue what a po or loire is