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Ben only wants to lie in the sun, drink beer and watch TV after his graduation.The Graduate
"Raindrops Keep Falling on..." Paul Newman and Robert Redford's heads.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Hours and hours of some guys trying to escape a prisoner-of-war camp but then STEVE MCQUEEN JUMPS OVER A FENCE WITH HIS MOTORCYCLE!The Great Escape
Mickey Rooney makes fun of Asians, Audrey Hepburn smokes cigarettes.Breakfast at Tiffany's
They Shoot Movies, Don't They? (Please replace one word)They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Not even control freak Stanley Kubrick could hinder Peter Sellers from practically improvising most of his acting (3 roles) in this movie.Dr. Strangelove
The Beatles fight an evil cult. The soundtrack was released as one of their albums.Help!
Cary Grant was supposed to play a sophisticated globetrotting womanizer, but along came a Scottish ex-bodybuilder. First official installment of a quite famous franchise.Dr. No
Text on a poster that shows the director pointing at his watch: „It is required that you see ‚[title]‘ from the very beginning. The manager of this theatre has been instructed at the risk of his life, not to admit to the theatre any persons after the picture starts. Any spurious attempts to enter by side doors, fire escapes or ventilating shafts will be met by force. The entire objective of this extraordinary policy, of course, is to help you enjoy ‚[title]‘ more.“Psycho
Ingmar Bergman's experimental film about an actress who suddenly refuses to talk and therefore takes off the mask that gives this film its name.Persona

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