The Presidential Debate Quiz

Answer the following questions about presidential debates throughout American history.
Quiz by SouthwestChief
Last updated: September 12, 2020
First submittedSeptember 12, 2020
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The tradition of presidential debates was preceeded by debates between which two Illinois Senate candidates in 1858?
Abraham Lincoln
Stephen A. Douglas
The first presidential debate was during the 1948 Republican primaries betweeen Harold Stassen and which eventual nominee?
Thomas Dewey
The first general election presidential debate was held in what year?
And who did it feature?
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
This was one of the first events that large portions of the country watched how?
The next three general election debates, in 1976, 1980, and 1984, were sponsered by which group?
League of Women Voters
In 1976, Gerald Ford made the blunder of saying there was no what?
"Soviet domination of Eastern Europe"
In 1980, conflict occured between the two major campaigns over the inclusion at debate of what Independent candidate?
John B. Anderson
What phrase did Ronald Reagan famously use in a 1980 and again in 1984?
"There you go again"
What Wendy's catchphrase did Walter Mondale use in a primary debate against Gary Hart?
"Where's the Beef?"
What well-received joke did Reagan make at the second debate in 1984?
"I will not make age an issue of this campaign."
Who, at a 1988 vice presidential debate, told Dan Quayle, "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy?"
Lloyd Bentsen
The 1992 debates were the first with three candidates because they included which businessman running as an Independent?
Ross Perot
And who was his running mate who famously asked "Who am I? Why am I here?"
James Stockdale
In 2004, Bush controversially responded to a criticism of the Iraq war by telling Kerry he had forgotten about the invovlement of which Eastern European country?
At the vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney criticized who by saying that he had never met him in the Senate?
John Edwards
The 2008 VP debate was later turned into a chamber opera title "Say It Ain't So, Joe," after a quote by what Republican nominee?
Sarah Palin
At a 2012 Republican primary debate, Rick Perry forgot he wanted to eliminate which federal department that he would later become Secretary of?
At a 2012 general election debate, Mitt Romney responded to a question about pay equity with which phrase that was later criticized as demeaning?
"Binders full of women"
How did Donald Trump respond to a question about his derogatory comments towards women during a 2016 primary debate? (Hint: talk show host)
"Only Rosie O'Donnell"
How did Donald Trump respond to a debate comment by Hillary Clinton that it was good he was not in charge of the country?
"Because you'd be in jail"
Which future running mate of Joe Biden's received a quick spike in the polls after criticizing his record on race at the first 2020 primary debate?
Kamala Harris
Which former Maryland congressman, who had been running a campaign since July 2017, argued about health care with Elizabeth Warren at the second debate?
John Delaney
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