Modern Doctor Who Trivia

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Quiz by doctorwho69
Last updated: July 8, 2013
First submittedJuly 8, 2013
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The Leader Of the Dalek's
What was In Amy Pond's Wall when she first met the doctor
a crack
Actor who played the 9th doctor
Christopher Eccelson
1st companion in modern day doctor who
Rose Tyler
What war was the daleks and time lords involved in?
what is the blue police box called?
What number anniversary was it in 2013?
What enemy is in the child's Library?
vashta nerada
The box that is built as the perfect prison for the doctor by his enemies
What Time Lord is the enemy of the doctor?
The Master
Rhyno Like Guys
Also Captain Jack Harkness
Face Of Boe
What was The Episode called Where the doctor got controlled by a 'Copy-cat'
what killed amy and rory?
Weeping Angels
Level 57
Jul 8, 2013
You've misspelled Eccleston. Additionally, the hint "also Captain Jack Harkness" is very vague; I'd clarify what you're looking for. And, if I'm going to be picky, Weeping Angels didn't kill Amy and Rory. They died of old age. The Weeping Angels only sent them back in time where the Doctor couldn't reach them.
Level 24
Jul 14, 2014
I agree with that. and furthermore i think you're too harsh on the prepositions...
Level 34
Jun 1, 2016
Yes, agree completely^. Also why isn't "crack" accepted for "a crack" -this could be a good quiz if it wasn't just annoying
Level 24
Oct 7, 2013
agree with above comments, also maybe include more possibilities other than 'a crack'.
Level 58
Dec 16, 2013
Spelling of 'Rhyno'?
Level 33
Mar 3, 2014
Yea I agree and davros wasn't the leader of the daleks but he created them. The emperor was the leader. Also some of the answers require the and then some don't
Level 45
Jun 3, 2014
I laughed pretty hard when I imaged The Doctor finding [crack] in Amy's wall rather than [a crack]. Still should've been acceptable!
Level 56
Dec 31, 2014
a crack instead of just crack? get out...

no wonder i got eccleston wrong, you misspelled it.

rhyno like guys - misspelled and too vague

also jack harkness - too vague

Level 68
Aug 30, 2016
Correct the spelling of Eccleston please. Also why can't crack be accepted for 'a crack' and why can't 50 be accepted for '50th'?
Level 32
Aug 31, 2016
Misspelled Christopher Eccleston!!!! Fix Please
Level 50
Jan 19, 2017
the weeping angels didn't kill amy and rory they sent them back in time
Level 33
Mar 20, 2017
fix Eccleston please omg.. also very "the" sensitive
Level 68
Jan 11, 2018
Yeah, it's been four and a half years... I'm guessing none of these things are getting fixed.
Level 15
Mar 28, 2018

-Correct capitalization and spelling

-Change 'Eccelson' to his REAL NAME (Eccleston)

-Make '50' acceptable for '50th'

-Make 'the Face of Boe' acceptable for 'Face of Boe'

-Make "Also Captain Jack Harkness" less vague

Other than those, I really like your quiz and keep creating!