Famous people from Germany

Adolf Hitler is not in the list, cause is not german. He was born in Austria.
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Last updated: March 20, 2015
First submittedMarch 19, 2015
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build the first real car
Carl Benz
Gottlieb Daimler
reformed christianity
Martin Luther
Albert Einstein
invented the motor engine
Nicolaus August Otto
invented a different kind of motor engine
Rudolf Diesel
discovered x-ray
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
described the heliocentric world view of the solar system
Nikolaus Kopernikus
the 10th remained unfinished
Ludwig van Beethoven
one of the founders of modern bacteriology and microbiology
Robert Koch
Fairy Tales
Jacob Grimm
Wilhelm Grimm
invented the letter press / typography
Johannes Gutenberg
he wrote "GOD is dead"
Friedrich Nietzsche
she became famous cause of her diary
Anne Frank
"Das Manifest"
Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
The Blue Angel
Marlene Dietrich
"The Ring" was his lifetimes work
Richard Wagner
painted a lot - for example: praying hands or a rabbit
Albrecht Dürer
directed "Das Boot"
Wolfgang Petersen
Player for Dallas Mavericks
Dirk Nowitzki
uncertainty principle / Walter Whites alter ego
Werner Heisenberg
works for Chanel
Karl Lagerfeld
he painted curvy women
Peter Paul Rubens
Levi Strauss
built the first working computer
Konrad Zuse
the pope after John Paul II
Benedikt XVI
a type of dementia was named after him
Alois Alzheimer
one of the first supermodels ever
Claudia Schiffer
invented the coffee filter
Melitta Bentz
If He thinks of Germany in the night, he is deprived of sleep
Heinrich Heine
she won 22 Grand Slam tournaments
Steffi Graf
Level 74
Mar 19, 2015
Please accept Copernicus (it's how English speakers are taught to spell his name).
Level 82
Mar 19, 2015
Also, Benedict.
Level 62
Mar 20, 2015
Its fixed. But I wonder, why english speaking countries rename something. I mean his name was Kopernikus with K and not with C. So can you explain to me, why such names are renamed?
Level 64
Jan 31, 2019
Why is a good question. To make the pronunciation easier may be the reason sometimes but with Kopernikus or Copernicus that can't be it. It's no only the English speaking countries though. I'm always confused when Germans come up with different English titles for films with an English title.
Level 20
Mar 1, 2021
Well, apparently, his name was neither Kopernikus nor Copernicus. His real name was Niklas Koppernigk. Thus Copernicus derives from its Latinized version. But as Germany and English tend to have a different methodology for transliterating Latin, German replaces c by k - English doesn't, his name differs.
Level 82
Mar 19, 2015
"If He thinks of Germany in the night, he is deprived of sleep" Brazil's goalkeeper?