Marvel's X-Men: Apocalypse Characters Quiz

I Challenge each person who takes this quiz to try Apocalypse's real name before typing Apocalypse.
Quiz by zizzers4
Last updated: June 6, 2016
First submittedJune 5, 2016
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James McAvoy
A mutant pacifist and the world's most powerful telepath
Charles Xavier / Professor X
Michael Fassbender
A mutant with the ability to control magnetic fields and manipulate metal who becomes the last of Apocalypse's horsemen, known as War
Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto / War
Jennifer Lawrence
A mutant with shapeshifting abilities
Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Oscar Isaac
The world's first and most powerful mutant, born in ancient times with a variety of superhuman abilities such as telekinesis and telepathy as well as technopathy, superhuman strength, and size-control, each power augmented after merging with Celestial technology and a special cyber-suit
En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse
Nicholas Hoult
A mutant with leonine attributes, prehensile feet and superhuman physical abilities
Hank McCoy / Beast
Rose Byrne
A CIA agent who first met and fell in love with Xavier in X-Men: First Class, where he wiped portions of her memories of him and the X-Men at the end
Moira MacTaggert
Tye Sheridan
A mutant that fires uncontrollable, destructive optic beams and wears a visor or sunglasses to stabilize and contain them, and the younger brother of Havok
Scott Summers / Cyclops
Sophie Turner
A mutant who is scared of her telepathic and telekinetic power, and one of Charles Xavier's most prized students
Jean Grey
Alexandra Shipp
An Egyptian mutant orphan who can control weather who finds a father figure in Apocalypse and becomes the first of his horsemen, known as Famine
Ororo Munroe / Storm
Olivia Munn
A mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, who becomes the second of Apocalypse's horsemen, known as Pestilence
Lucas Till
A mutant who has the ability to absorb energy and release it with destructive force from his body, and the older brother of Cyclops
Alex Summers / Havok
Evan Peters
A mutant who can move, think, and perceive at supersonic speeds, and the son of Magneto
Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Kodi Smit-McPhee
A German teleporting mutant and one of Charles Xavier's new students
Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Josh Helman
A military officer who hates mutants
Colonel William Stryker
Ben Hardy
A mutant with bird-like feathered wings who becomes Apocalypse's third horseman, known as Death, gaining metallic wings which can also be used as razor sharp projectiles as a result
Lana Condor
A Chinese-American mutant student at Charles' school who has the ability to create psionic energy plasmoids
Hugh Jackman
A Canadian who, at the time, is part of the Weapon X program
Logan / Wolverine
Level 63
Jun 6, 2016
Cyclops isn't accepted, cool quiz!