Muppets Most WAnted Characters Quiz

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Quiz by zizzers4
Last updated: July 19, 2016
First submittedJuly 19, 2016
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Ricky Gervais
The world's second most-wanted criminal and Constantine's accomplice who poses as the manager of a fictional international talent agency
Dominic Badguy / The Lemur
Ty Burrell
A French Interpol agent who works with Sam Eagle on finding Constantine
Jean Pierre Napoleon
Tina Fey
A high-ranking prison guard at Gulag 38B who is obsessed with Kermit the Frog
Steve Whitmire
A pragmatic frog who is the straight man protagonist and de facto leader of the Muppet ensemble
Steve Whitmire
Miss Piggy's pet poodle
Steve Whitmire
An elderly and grouchy gentleman who constantly heckles the Muppets from the audience, specifically from an upper balcony box
Steve Whitmire
Bunsen's lab assistant who performs ill-fated experiments which often results in him getting seriously injured
Steve Whitmire
The trumpet player for the Electric Mayhem
Steve Whitmire
A sly brown rat from the inner city
Steve Whitmire
A dim-witted pig possessing traits of a stereotypical leading man, with wavy blond hair, a manly cleft chin, and a high opinion of himself
Link Hogthrob
Steve Whitmire
The bespectacled newsman for The Muppet Show, who tries to deliver the news with accuracy, but is visibly flummoxed on camera by the day's latest bizarre story or interview
The Muppet Newsman
Eric Jacobson
A temperamental diva pig who is the Muppets' break-out and "authentic superstar"
Miss Piggy
Eric Jacobson
A naive, comically-disinclined bear
Eric Jacobson
A patriotic bald eagle and the group's self-proclaimed delegator of conservative values
Sam Eagle
Eric Jacobson
A savage, frenzied drummer for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
Dave Goelz
An eccentric hooked-nosed stunt performer and performance artist
Dave Goelz
An inventive, yet aloof scientist who frequently performs science experiments and invention demonstrations that typically go awry and has an "affable cluelessness" whenever his assistant, Beaker, is a victim of these presentations
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
Dave Goelz
A teal, balding saxophone player with dark glasses and a high-crowned blue felt hat, and was generally a laid-back fellow of few words
Dave Goelz
The backstage janitor and stagehand of indeterminate species
Dave Goelz
An elderly and grouchy gentleman who constantly heckles the Muppets from the audience, specifically from an upper balcony box
Bill Barretta
A scruffy brown dog of indeterminate breed, though part Corgi, with a rounded black nose and long floppy ears
Bill Barretta
A scheming and sassy Latino king prawn
Bill Barretta
The gravelly-voiced leader and keyboard player and of the band
Dr. Teeth
Bill Barretta
A chef who speaks mock Swedish
Swedish Chef
Bill Barretta
An imposing, yet easily amused and befuddled brown bear
David Rudman
The loyal stage manager and gofer of the Muppet Theater and nephew of its owner J.P. Grosse
David Rudman
A hippie who plays the guitar in the Electric Mayhem
David Rudman
The Moopets version of Miss Piggy
Miss Poogy
Matt Vogel
An evil Russian frog who is considered to be the "World's Most Dangerous Frog," Interpol's most wanted criminal, and a doppelgänger for Kermit
Matt Vogel
The cynical "hippie" bass player
Floyd Pepper
Matt Vogel
A very large, imposing and hairy ogre about nine feet tall
Matt Vogel
Kermit's sweet-voiced nephew
Matt Vogel
A tan humanoid Muppet with dark hair, a mustache, a red knobby nose, a ruff and a red suit
Lew Zealand
Matt Vogel
A pyrotechnician with an explosives fixation
Crazy Harry
Matt Vogel
A 1980s-esque robot chauffeur and servant
80s Robot
Matt Vogel
The female chicken that is Gonzo's love interest
Camilla the Chicken
Matt Vogel
A sinister-looking, blue dragon-like monster who lurks around the Muppet Theater
Uncle Deadly
Peter Linz
A huge fan of The Muppet Show and the newest member of The Muppets who has a talent for whistling
Hugh Bonneville
A reporter who takes bribes from Badguy to write a glowing review of the Muppets' performance
Irish Journalist
Tom Hollander
A reporter who takes bribes from Badguy to write a glowing review of the Muppets' performance
Irish Journalist
Jemaine Clement
Gulag 38B inmate who is the leader of the inmates following Constantine's escape and wears a crown made of sporks
Prison King
Rob Corddry
The assistant director of The Muppets
First Assistant Director
Josh Groban
A Gulag 38B inmate with a good singing voice who spends the majority of the film locked in a sweatbox
Maximum Security Prisoner
Tom Hiddleston
A Gulag 38B inmate who is an escape artist
Great Escapo
Frank Langella
A minister who presides over the wedding
Beefeater Vicar
Ray Liotta
A Gulag 38B inmate who is a fan of Boyz II Men
Big Papa
Russell Tovey
A man who delivers the champagne to Constantine the Frog and Miss Piggy's wedding
Champagne Deliveryman
Danny Trejo
A fictional version of the actor who is a Gulag 38B inmate
Danny Trejo
Stanley Tucci
A Gulag 38B Watchtower Guard
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