Statistics for NBA Top 10 Playoffs Upset All-Time

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Cavaliers - Warriors, 2016NBA Finals, Cavs 4-3 Warriors. The Cavs with LeBron, Irving and Kevin Love won against the Warriors with Curry, Klay and Draymond after being led 3-1 in the serie. These Warriors also have the regular season record with 73 wins for 9 loses
Pistons - Lakers, 2004NBA Finals, Pistons 4-1 Lakers, Lakers with Payton, Kobe, Karl Malone, Shaq, coached by Phil Jackson, Pistons were clearly not favorite.
Celtics - Lakers, 1969NBA Finals Celtics 4-3 Lakers, Lakers lose with Chamberlain, West ,Baylor against Celtics with Havlicek and Russell and Jones who where playing their last games. Lakers were leading 2-0 and then 3-2, game 7 at LA with balloons at the roof, ready to celebrate, but lose with
Mavericks - Heat, 2011NBA Finals Mavericks 4-2 Heat, LeBron, Wade, Bosh favorite against Dirk's Mavericks
Knicks, 1999The all Playoffs campaign is an upset for Knicks with the 8th seed who went to the Finals. They win 3-2 against the Heat with a game-winner from Allan Houston in the game 5 to end the serie. Then, sweep 4-0 against the Hawks, and a 4-2 win in EC finals against the Pacers with during the Game 3 a 4-point game winner by Larry Johnson
Warriors - Mavericks, 2007Warriors (#8) 4-2 Mavericks (#1), We Believe won against the Mavs, 67 wins, finalist in 2006, dirk 2007 MVP
Nuggets - SuperSonics, 1994Nuggets ( #8) 3-2 Sonics ( #1), Nuggets without incredible players win with a Mutombo who terrorize Shawn Kemp, after being led 2-0
76ers - Bulls, 201276ers (#8) 4-2 Bulls (#1) after Derrick Rose 's injury
Rockets - Lakers, 1986NBA WC Finals, Rockets 4-1 Lakers, Lakers who didn't get to the finals only 2 times in the decade, Magic, Kareem and Worthy los e against the young Akeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson
Hornets - Heat, 2001Hornets (#6) 3-0 Heat (#3), the Pat Riley and Zo Mourning's Heat is swept by the Baron Davis' Hornets, with an average of 22-point win on the serie
Grizzlies - Spurs, 2011Grizzlies (#8) 4-2 Spurs (#1)
Trail Blazers - 76ers, 1977NBA Finals Blazers 4-2 76ers, 76ers lose with Julius Erving, Doug Collins, 76ers led 2-0, but the Blazers won for Bill Walton's first Playoffs

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