History by Letter - F

Name these historical people, places, and things beginning with the letter F.
Quiz by Geoguy
Last updated: June 21, 2019
First submittedMay 26, 2014
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Gunpowder plotter
Guy Fawkes
Austrian founder of psychoanalysis
Sigmund Freud
War between Argentina and the UK
Falklands War
Symbol on the French coat-of-arms
Medieval system of lords and vassals
What Spain ceded to the US in 1819
Style of mural painting popular
in Renaissance Italy
Chinese imperial palace, 1420-1912
Forbidden City
Term for a brash, bobbed-hair woman
of the Jazz Age
Spiritual and exercise movement
brutally suppressed by China
Falun Gong
Jewish diarist who hid in
an Amsterdam attic
Anne Frank
City of the Medici
Tragedy by Goethe about a
bargain with the Devil
His assassination started WWI
Franz Ferdinand
"Scottish Rite" society
Penicillin discoverer
Alexander Fleming
Founding father on the $100 bill
Benjamin Franklin
Another name for the Colosseum
Englishman who discovered
Michael Faraday
Period when the guillotine
found frequent use
French Revolution
Nixon's successor
Gerald Ford
Mussolini's "ism"
Level 48
Jun 19, 2014
I'm glad to see that Falun Gong gets a mention here, since most people aren't aware of that modern-day (ongoing) genocide. But then it was spoiled when I saw the percentages, reminding me that still hardly anyone is aware of it.
Level 58
Apr 20, 2015
Yeah, I knew it was fa-something-gong, but didn't know "lun"
Level 35
Dec 5, 2016
Spent over half a minute trying different spellings, failed. Can't you accept gong alone? Most people will misspell the first element, I suspect.
Level 64
Jan 5, 2019
On the sidewalks and streets of NYC, they used to raise awareness for their plight by posing themselves in cages or tied up in torture scenarios. Close by would be a sign explaining the unsettling scene. Years later I remember it.
Level 80
Aug 23, 2019
Interestingly in the United States they've now found success pushing Trump and Alex Jones-style whacko conspiracy theories in their newspaper and online and are now the single biggest funder of pro-Trump political ads on Facebook outside of the Trump campaign. Their religion is downright kooky and exploitative, too. Maybe the Chinese government had their reasons for going after them.
Level 63
Jan 3, 2020
I thought it was foot binding honestly
Level 37
Feb 9, 2020
Knew it, just couldn't spell it; kept trying falung gong, falun jung...
Level 78
Jul 3, 2014
Although I did answer French Revolution, the answer should be Reign of Terror to be strictly accurate. Which of course means it can't be in this quiz.
Level 53
Oct 29, 2019
Kwes you have my support on that complaint. I don't get why people love to have a wrong answer in a quiz.
Level 45
Jan 3, 2020
French Revolution is too vague. It lasted 10 years (1789-1799) while the Reign of Terror only covered 1 or 2 years of that period. As a French, I couldn't find the expected answer as I was trying to find a F word that means terror.

Also, for the other two-word answers where an adjective was expected, the second name was already given : "Forbidden City", "Flavian Amphitheatre". Why is it different here ?

Level 59
Jan 3, 2020
Level 75
Jan 3, 2020
^ I'm never going to understand why people feel the need to point this out on a quiz site... we're all nerds here dude
Level 80
Jul 11, 2014
I read "gunpowder plotter" as "gunpowder plot" and kept typing in Fifth of November, then tried Fifth of December and September just to cover my bases.
Level 40
Jul 11, 2014
Excellent quiz... really made me think.
Level 50
Sep 2, 2014
I'll have a hard time forgetting the feudal system after reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip related to it. Calvin is writing an essay which reads 'In the Middle Ages, lords and vassals lived in a futile system.' Hobbes walks by and points out, 'That's "Feudal system".' Calvin looks bewildered, and then rests his head in his hands, grumbling, 'Just when I thought this junk was beginning to make sense.' It was very funny.
Level 75
Nov 28, 2015
Can you add "US" to the founding father question? That way people outside your country know where you're referring to.
Level 77
Dec 5, 2015
Is there anyone referred to as a "founding father" in any other country that uses $100 bills?
Level 65
Dec 4, 2016
NZ $100 features Lord Ernest Rutherford, "Father of the Atom". Not an F name though.
Level 73
Aug 8, 2017
..unless his middle name was Ruther.
Level 62
Dec 4, 2016
Got the Jewish diarist thanks to Benjamin!!
Level 49
Oct 16, 2017
Howard Florey was the co-developed Penicillin and shared the Nobel Prize with Fleming for doing so (along with Sir Ernst Boris Chain whose name obviously doesn't begin with F).

Florey should be an answer here.

Level 78
Apr 28, 2018
Florey developed the production and use of penicillin, but he wasn't involved in discovering it, which is what the question asks about.
Level 64
Apr 24, 2018
Faraday did not discover electromagnetism. his work was a part of the general EM theory by Maxwell. you may credit him for creating the first electric engine and conducting successfull research on them but not discovered EM more than Ampere or Gauss did.
Level 70
Nov 19, 2018
Can you please accept the reign of terror as the period when the guillotine found frequent use?
Level 44
Jan 2, 2019
The Feign of Terror, or the Reign of Ferror, maybe. Otherwise it doesn't fit the quiz.
Level 80
Jan 3, 2020
During the Feign of Terror the French nobles pretended to be scared of getting their heads cut off but they never actually did because they hadn't yet worked out the technology for the guillotine.
Level 66
Jan 3, 2020
For "Spiritual and exercise movement brutally suppressed by China", please accept "Freedom of Speech".
Level 65
Jan 3, 2020
Ha. Nice.
Level 47
Feb 20, 2020
Ahh Ben Franklin, the greatest President of the US (the oldest country ever). So glad he is recognized for many things, including inventing freedom and electricity!
Level 64
Jul 31, 2020
I had never heard of flapper. You learn stuff on here.