History by Letter - I

Can you name these historical people, places, and things that begin with I?
Quiz by Geoguy
Last updated: December 24, 2019
First submittedJune 1, 2014
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Civilization that built Machu Picchu
Religion founded in 622 AD
Northern Irish terrorist group
Famous German military decoration
Iron Cross
Country first settled in 874 AD
Epic poem attributed to Homer
The Iliad
Arab word for uprising. Palestine
has had two
Catholic institution used to
prosecute heretics
Confederation of six northeast
Native American tribes
Name used by 13 "guiltless" Popes
"Revolution" that started in
Britain circa 1760
Modern-day name of Constantinople
Her marriage to Ferdinand united Spain
Figurative barrier between Communist
and Western Europe
Iron Curtain
Country once called the Dutch East Indies
Russian Tsar whose reign saw
the conquest of Siberia
Ivan the Terrible
Spanish title for a prince
Elite unit of 10,000 Persian soldiers
Level 72
Jun 4, 2014
I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition
Level 65
Jun 5, 2014
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Level 74
Jul 14, 2014
Where's everybody gone?
Level 51
Oct 30, 2018
"Cardinal - the rack!" *pause to facepalm* "Cardinal - give the rack," *groans* "a turn!
Level 59
Jun 7, 2014
I kept trying "infanta" which is the feminine version. Rats.
Level 44
Aug 1, 2014
I had heard of Infanta only.
Level 80
Aug 1, 2014
That would be a princess then, right?
Level 47
Aug 22, 2014
I only knew infanta too...I just changed the vowel at the end until I got it!
Level 27
Aug 1, 2014
prince is principe, toddler/baby is infante (which is why princes are sometimes called infantes)
Level 67
Aug 1, 2014
The title "Infante" was born by all male descendants of Iberian kings other than the heir apparent, i.e., all sons of the king but the oldest living son. "Infanta" was used for all the daughters because princesses were seldom ever heirs apparent.
Level 64
Apr 24, 2018
the answer is wrong. Prince (principe) is the apparent heir and Infante is usually not The prince.
Level ∞
Jun 21, 2019
The question is correct. Nowhere does it say anything about heirs apparent.
Level 40
Aug 4, 2014
I know this is being really picky, but technically it should be A.D. 622 and A.D. 874 instead of 622 A.D. and 874 A.D.
Level 72
Mar 10, 2016
And if you want to be reeeeeeally picky, it should be CE instead of AD.
Level 73
Jan 31, 2017
No, it shouldn't.
Level 60
Feb 5, 2017
Actually, yes it should
Level 37
Mar 20, 2017
No, it should NOT!
Level 80
Feb 16, 2019
I'm fine with either one and generally prefer AD just for historical flavor and consistency, even though it's historically inaccurate, but I could be persuaded to root for CE if it meant pissing off people who react to the question of which convention should be used by typing in all caps.
Level 65
Oct 19, 2019
“CE” is idiotic
Level ∞
Oct 20, 2019
That's it, I'm changing all the dates into AH (After Hijra).

Just kidding. I like AD better because that's the way it has always been done. CE feels like snobbery. But the only thing I'm certain of is that it doesn't really matter.

Level 75
Feb 14, 2020
*rolls eyes* Why do people care about this?
Level 55
Jul 12, 2020
"CE" is the same as saying "Happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," because some people are butthurt about every mention of anything related to christianity. I personally wouldn't care, but these people need to be told off, insteaf of being appeased.
Level 70
Feb 19, 2017
Iceland was first settled by the Irish in 795 A.D. but the settlement died out before the 874 A.D. settlement.
Level 73
Nov 26, 2019
Not sure why the Inca civilisation answer is plural.
Level 55
Feb 14, 2020
I got "Immortals" but missed "Ivan the Terrible".
Level 29
Apr 18, 2020
Putting the Industrial revolution starting in 1760 is a highly contentious point. Its really not something you can pinpoint a 'start' date for. Anyway , good quiz.
Level 61
Jul 31, 2020
Hence 'circa'.