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Asian Geography By Letter - K

Guess these Asian geographical answers that start with the letter K.
Quiz by relessness
First submittedDecember 10, 2013
Last updatedJanuary 14, 2017
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Capital of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
Country with 6% of world oil reserves
World's second tallest mountain
Capital of Afghanistan
Ethnic area in northern Iraq, and parts
of Syria and Turkey
Largest landlocked country
Country just south of the above
Former Japanese capital
City formerly known as Calcutta
Volcano that erupted in 1883,
leaving only a third of the island behind
Biggest city in Pakistan
Origin of cashmere wool
Peninsula directly north of Hong Kong island
Japanese city famous for beef
Major peninsula of far east Russia
Peninsula of two countries, North and South
Southwestern Indian state with Christian
heritage and a relatively high standard of living
Capital of Nepal
Official language of Cambodia
Mountain pass between Afghanistan
and Pakistan
Khyber Pass
level 83
Aug 22, 2014
Wow, at last an Asian quiz where every other answer isn't in China! They must not like the letter K that much.
level 77
Sep 28, 2014
K2 and Kowloon are about China ;).
level 55
Sep 30, 2017
No, K2 is MOSTLY in Pakistan. I know that as i am Pakistani
level 60
Sep 30, 2017
So... 1.25 China?
level 21
Jan 17, 2019
hong kong = china?????
level 71
Nov 5, 2014
Thank you Risk for teaching me where Kamchatka is!
level 36
Dec 10, 2014
Was going to make this exact comment. (:
level 49
Dec 10, 2014
Same here
level 61
Dec 16, 2015
It's a bottom shelf, plastic bottle vodka sold at supermarkets in California. However, I too first became introduced through Risk.
level 77
Dec 10, 2014
Hmm.. I left Kowloon off of my recent Asian travel quiz in part because I thought nobody would get it, but 30% got the answer here. Maybe I'll add it.
level 69
Aug 29, 2016
I would have thought Hong Kong was one of the few Asian cities where you might be able to drill down below the top level and still have Westerners get answers correct in half-decent percentages. Although perhaps my view is skewed, having formerly lived there.
level 58
Dec 10, 2014
The country in which Kashmir is located should be accepted as the answer. I tried Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, but never managed to remember that Kashmir was also the name of the province. And yes... Kobe Bryant got his name after Kobe beef. I always knew that info would come in handy one day :)
level 80
Dec 10, 2014
You realize it's a "K" quiz, right? None of those countries starts with K.
level 47
Dec 10, 2014
Yeah, if you want countries as accepted type ins for all of the answers then all these quizzes would be insanely easy
level 48
Jan 14, 2017
I really like the Asian geography by letter quizzes. It's probably quite nice to do more about Asia for a change.
level 77
Sep 30, 2017
Didn't know about the Christian heritage of Kerala. Most of the Indians in Khobar in Saudi Arabia seemed to be Keralite Muslims, and in their ads online offering rooms for rent they would always specify Keralite Muslims only need apply. I suppose they had to learn to hate other religions somewhere.
level 67
Sep 30, 2017
There is a strong Christian culture in Kerala as well as the Hindu (still majority but by a smaller margin compared to the rest of India) culture and a Muslim culture. Each strong and with its own unique identity, but Kerala is known for its religious harmony and more or less peaceful coexistence of different religions and sects. A lot of the Hindus here eat beef and have a a very loose approach to religion too.
level 63
Sep 30, 2017
Thanks. kalbahamut, wise and well travelled though she / he may be, shoots from the hip sometimes. Won't apologise either and prefers rambling arguments. Sigh. Never mind, let's appreciate her / his many informative comments.
level 46
Sep 30, 2017
I don't think that Kazakhstan would be considered landlocked. It has some part bordering Caspian sea which would make Kazakhstan a "Non Landlocked Country". Please consider it and correct me if I'm wrong.
level 56
Oct 2, 2017
Not this again! It might have the word "Sea" in its name, but it's not a sea in the conventional sense - it's called "Sea" because it's huge and "sea-like".
level 45
Sep 30, 2017
When you realise Kyoto is a anagram for Tokyo. XD
level 78
Jul 19, 2018
Mind blown? What about when you learn that in the Japanese hiragana there is no anagram as one is kyouto and the other is toukyou (i.e. only a short 'o' on the end of kyoto), Kyoto being made up of the chinese characters Capital City whereas Tokyo is Eastern Capital.
level 27
Sep 30, 2017
Cool quiz! It's nice to improve my knowledge of the Asian continent.
level 37
Oct 2, 2017
Couldn't spell Kolkata right. :(
level 59
Mar 11, 2018
Trivia fact: Kowloon is a site of the most densely populated place in the history of the world. Kowloon Walled City had population density of mind blowing 1,400,000 people per 1 km. Currently, it doesn't exist anymore.
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