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European Geography By Letter - B

Guess these European geographical answers that start with the letter B.
Last updated: November 04, 2018
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Munich is its capital
Capital of the EU
Sea south of Ukraine
Black Sea
Strait that separates Europe
and Asia at Istanbul
Wine region in southwest France
Northwest French peninsula -
one of the six Celtic Nations
Capital of West Germany
Britain's tallest mountain
Ben Nevis
One of the Low Countries
Largest lake in Hungary
Lake Balaton
Capital of Catalonia
Historical region of the Czech Republic
Sea west of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Baltic Sea
Peninsula of former Yugoslavia and neighbors
English city called "Aquae Sulis"
by the Romans
"Last Dictatorship in Europe"
Capital of Switzerland
Biggest city on Norway's west coast
Bay west of France and north of Spain
Bay of Biscay
Northern Spanish city
home to a Guggenheim museum
level 82
Jan 24, 2014
Surprising how many things I expected to see on this quiz that weren't. Cities like: Budapest, Bucharest, Birmingham, Belfast, Belgrade, etc.
level 20
Dec 14, 2014
Berlin should be in there
level 44
Mar 10, 2015
I really thought that Belgrade will be here, it's one of the oldest cities in Europe.
level 56
Dec 19, 2017
In other words, there are lots of places that begin with B in Europe - you can't have them all otherwise the quiz would become more like an exam at school. Have some realistic expectations
level 66
Feb 18, 2014
great quiz..challenging
level 65
Mar 18, 2014
Brussels, it should be clarified, is one of three capitals of the European Union - the legislative capital is Strasbourg, and the judiciary capital Luxembourg. The clue should reflect this by asking for "one of the capitals of the EU".
level 48
Mar 18, 2014
OK, but Brussels is the only one that begins with 'B'. You'd have to be pretty special to type in Luxembourg or Strasbourg.
level 58
Apr 20, 2014
Right, but these quizzes teach a lot of people these facts for the first time. Someone who didn't know about EU capitals before this quiz might mistakenly think Brussels is its only capital. If the clue were reworded, that wouldn't be an issue. Misinformation is never good.
level 75
Apr 20, 2014
It just says "capital of the EU." It doesn't say THE capital of the EU.
level 44
Apr 20, 2014
Well, everybody from the Union thinks of Brussels as its capital at first. It is undeniable that Strasbourg and Luxembourg also host some EU institutions, but I have never heard someone to regard them as "capital(s) of the EU".
level 48
Apr 20, 2014
Technically there isn't any capital of the EU. However there are so many institutions based in Brussels that it has become the de facto capital.
level 65
Nov 5, 2014
I didn't say it was wrong - I just think it would be more accurate to clarify, if only to correct the wrong perception that Brussels is THE capital of the EU.
level 45
Apr 20, 2014
18/20 So close.
level 33
Apr 21, 2014
Please accept Bayern for Bavaria.
level 20
Dec 14, 2014
Yeah, I typed bayern but it didn't work
level 80
Jul 1, 2015
And Bretagne for Brittany.

Also I don't know why I got such a hard time remembering "Bordeaux", I tried "beaujolais" and "bourgogne" .. the only wine-words starting with B I could think of. Not even sure they are regions :D
level 62
Oct 8, 2016
I tried Burgundy first, but Bordeaux next :)
level 55
Jan 10, 2016
Please add some additional spellings for Bordeaux...
level 59
Oct 8, 2016
Why? If you know the answer, you should know the spelling.
level 76
Oct 12, 2016
I presume you'd like "Bor-doh!"
level 67
Oct 10, 2016
easy one....20/20 with 3.11 left
level 49
Dec 31, 2016
Very fun quiz and very equally balanced as well.
level 71
Sep 12, 2018
The Turkish sea channel is just "Bosphorus", not "Bosphorus Strait".
level 39
Jan 17, 2019
Can’t believe I missed the Black Sea and the Bosporus