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European Geography By Letter - S

Guess these European geographical answers that start with the letter S.
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: October 11, 2016
First submittedMay 30, 2013
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Country in Iberia
Edinburgh is its capital
Nordic country
Peninsula on which the above sits
Birthplace of Shakespeare
French city with a German name;
Seat of the EU Parliament
"Sound of Music" city
Capital of Bulgaria
Finnish name for Finland
Isolationist country in the alps
Parisian river
Capital of Andalusia
Island where the term "Mafia" originated
Second largest Mediterranean island
Steel city of northern England
Spanish Catholic pilgrim destination
de Compostela
French river; Site of the bloodiest
battle of WWI
Where an archduke met his end in 1914
Island chain north of Britain with ponies
Tallest mountain in Wales
Richest of the Yugoslavian countries
St. Petersburg
level 62
Jun 1, 2013
Please do more!
level 66
Aug 14, 2014
D'oh! I know Sheffield, but in my mind it's associated mainly with it's theater where some of the snooker tournaments are played.
level 60
Dec 6, 2016
Have you never used a knife and fork?
level 67
May 6, 2017
The theater is called the Crucible and it only hosts one tournanment: The World Snooker Championship. Of course it's the oldest and most prestiguous snooker championship, and so some people would call the Crucible the Church of Snooker and the world trophy the Holy Grail of trophies that every snooker player dreams of getting. I know it doesnt mean much for non-snooker fans but for non-britons who happen to enjoy snooker and have never used a knife and fork forged in Sheffield's steel furnaces this is mostly what Sheffield means to them, especially since the steel industry declined there of late. For those wo'd like to know the final of the 2017 world championship was held just a few days ago and Mark Selby came victorious after beating four-time champion John Higgins.
level 63
May 7, 2017
The theatre is called the Crucible, 'cos a Crucible is a thing for making steel
level 80
Sep 12, 2014
Thanks for the "ponies" part of the clue, as I don't think I'd have gotten it otherwise!
level 76
May 6, 2017
Just finished watching the Shetland series on Netflix which made this one easy.
level 69
Sep 24, 2014
Only missed the Spanish pilgrim one. Good quiz.
level 63
Sep 24, 2014
When I read "Capital of Andalusia," my first thought was, "The animated city from 'Enchanted'?!" Nope... that's Andalasia. Whoops.
level 38
Feb 10, 2016
I think you should accept "Yr Wyddfa" for Mount Snowdon because that's what it is in Welsh.
level 48
Apr 22, 2016
And starts with "s" ... No wait...
level 34
Jun 3, 2016
1) This is an S answer quiz and 2) No answer is ever accepted in another language in an English quiz on this website.So it shouldn't he accepted
level 73
May 6, 2017
Sardegna and Sevilla are accepted though, not to mention Suomi 😂
level 67
Feb 10, 2019
Possums, whereas I entirely agree with your point 1, point 2 is plain daft. As Ruudsje points out, Sardegena and Sevilla - which are the correct names after all - are perfectly acceptable. I would argue that anglicisation of other peoples' geographical entities is a pointless and ultimately ignorant thing to do.
level 38
Feb 10, 2019
Possums: Oh no? So what are Suomi, Somme, Seine, Sardinia, Santiago de Compostela and Strasbourg then, English?
level 62
Sep 22, 2019
@possum, really get your facts straight, the original name is nearly always accepted !!
level 78
Jun 16, 2016
Argh - Tried "Snowden", thought I was wrong and didn't try any other spellings.
level 48
Jan 2, 2017
Finally!, got them all right on one of these quizzes.
level 20
Mar 13, 2017
i always forget the scandinavia peninsula cos i always associate those countries as being nordic
level 64
Aug 23, 2019
They are also Nordic countries.
level 49
May 6, 2017
Should Sankt Petersburg work as well? At least, it also starts with an S.
level 58
May 6, 2017
"alps" should be capitalized!
level 68
Jul 20, 2017
Would appreciate accepting Soumi for Suomi; I knew the essence of the answer, and it's as unusual a word as many for which misspellings are accepted.
level 67
Feb 10, 2019
Not unusual for 5.5 million Finns.
level 28
Feb 10, 2019
Only one I didn't get was Santiago de Compostela >:-(
level 57
May 12, 2019
Please capitalise the 'A' in 'Alps'.
level 49
Sep 11, 2019
Shetland isn't North of Britain, it is part of Britain. Also it's Great Britain. Maybe reword to say North of the British mainland.