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Top 10 Richest Countries in Asia

What are the richest countries in Asia based on GDP per capita?
2019 data. Purchasing power parity. More info here
Quiz by relessness
Last updated: May 7, 2019
First submittedApril 21, 2017
Times taken14,897
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GDP per Capita
United Arab Emirates
GDP per Capita
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Level 76
May 7, 2019
There must be a scientific explanation for how I manage to forget Brunei on every quiz I take. Immaterial on quizzes like 'desert countries,' or 'countries where gay marriage is legal.' But when I reach for the brain cell labelled 'Brunei,' I just grab air. Sigh.
Level 61
May 8, 2019
I'm the same, I get to the B's and I'm like Bhutan, Burundi and I always forget Brunei
Level 63
Jul 2, 2019
Just ask yourself, "am I forgetting an atrocious micronation internationally condemned for its human rights laws that would allow death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers while its sultan lives lavishly hypocritical lifestyle?" or AIFAAMICFIHRLTWADBSFHAAWISLLHL for short.
Level 65
May 8, 2019
Well, this was easy.
Level 20
May 8, 2019
I thought Singapore was going to be in it
Level 80
May 10, 2019
Yes, how disappointed you must have been when it turned out to be second on the list.
Level 36
May 8, 2019
Like all of them were in the Middle East. What's up with that?
Level 81
May 9, 2019
(Excluding the 5 of them that are not).
Level 78
May 9, 2019
oil and what kogatora said.
Level 54
Jun 11, 2019
Either there easteast asian or arabic. I forget Taiwan in every quiz. They are very underestimated i think. They surprise me every time
Level 67
Jun 29, 2019
The usual suspects. I more or less expected to see Israel, but they got some tough competition apparently.
Level 78
Jun 30, 2019
It's because they're using PPP. Israel in reality has a higher GDP per capita than the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Brunei, South Korea, Kuwait, Bahrain, Taiwan, or Saudi Arabia, but because it's a relatively more expensive place to live when you adjust for PPP then its economy gets unrealistically deflated. A lot of this I imagine has to do with out-of-control housing prices in Israel. Nominal GDP is not affected at all by the vagaries of housing market bubbles blowing up the price of rent. And perhaps counter-intuitively if there is a massive housing market crash in Israel, substantially lowering housing prices (but probably badly damaging the economy), it's PPP GDP per capita could go UP because PPP would calculate that shekels suddenly became worth more, even though everywhere else they would be worth the same

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Brunei are very cheap countries to live in so their numbers go up.
Level 59
Jul 1, 2019
I was always under the impression that the Japanese and South Koreans were financially better off than these quizzes demonstrate. Very surprising to see Japan ranked so lowly.
Level 52
Jan 19, 2020
i remembered that the middle east was a real thing in the last 15 seconds and i ended up getting all of them!