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5-Letter Geography Word Chain

The last letter of the answer is the first letter of the next, and so on.
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Disputed Chinese plateau region
Most people in this country live on Tongatapu
Capital is Oranjestad
Capital of Ghana
Capital of Niue
Religion from the Qur'an
Second biggest Italian city
Desert region of Israel
Massive lake of Akosombo Dam
Disputed territory between Sudan and South Sudan following war
Snow shelter built first by the Inuit
Demonic of Oman
Culturally similar tribes inhabiting northern Canada and the Arctic
National animal of India, Vietnam, South Korea, Bangladesh
Currency of Russia and Belarus
Bird icon of the United States (non-specific)
Home to pyramids and sphinxs and pharaohs
Second highest mountain of Antarctica
One of the largest cities on the Ruhr River
Capital is Kathmandu
Country that borders Egypt to the east and Algeria to the west
The God in Islam
West side of the island of Hispaniola
Asian country that is considered a subcontinent
Group of traditionalist Christians who tend to reject modernization
An official languages in India and Fiji
Boot shaped countr
Canadian territory and Alaskan river
African country and river
Cities of Mainz, Koblenz, and Bonn are on this river
Located at confluence of Kleine Emme and Reuss Rivers
Small Micronesian country
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level 70
Apr 3, 2015
Nice quiz; great mixture of easy and tough stuff. Don't you mean "demonym" rather than "demonic"? Also, "country" in the Italy clue.
level 62
Dec 19, 2015
Definitely should be "demonym."
level 58
Oct 10, 2015
Yes … Jerry 928 got his advice SPOT ON!! Especially --> Can you please change the word "Demonic" to something that applies to the question? I could not for the life of me think of any answer to "Demonic of Oman" … much better would be as Jerry requested ---> "Demonym for Oman" And yes …. you could also add the "Y" to your clue for ITALY to complete the word "countrY" Thanks!!
level 56
Dec 10, 2015
in most of these the last answer and first answer are also following the rules of the quiz...
level 59
Feb 26, 2016
On the Italy question, 'country' is spelled 'countr'.
level 32
May 11, 2016
Hello, Milan is the biggest Italian city! (2nd, Naples and 3rd Rome). Also, there is another possible answer for "African country and river": congo :)
level 42
May 30, 2016
doesn't start with n or end with r
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