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Eight Letter Geography

Name these eight letter geographical things.
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Former name of Madagascar
Self-autonomous island owned by Tanzania
Capital of UAE
Famous white marble mausoleum located in Agra
Largest city in China
The Show Me State
Underwater mountain
Popularly disputed "ocean"
1/4 of the UK
One of the boroughs of NYC
Major Chinese economic hub and former UK colony
East African country formerly under Italian rule
Capital of American Samoa
Largest city and capital of Finland
US state and a great lake
Stratovolcano; second tallest in Ecuador
Cape of what in South Africa
Smaller sea that borders Monaco, Italy, Corsica
Worlds most common language
Capital is Kuala Lumpur
Disputed British islands near Argentina
This islands name comes from "Eel"
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level 70
Nov 8, 2014
Since they're disputed, I guess Malvinas should be allowed as well!
level 52
Nov 8, 2014
greenland has 9 letters
level 56
Nov 8, 2014
hmm.... G R E E N L A N D = 9 letters
level 51
Nov 9, 2014
I was a little too tried when I made this sorry I know that was dumb
level 67
May 23, 2015
The Bronx also works for the New York borough question
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