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Five Letter Geography

Name these geographical things that are only five letters long.
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Only country starting with "Q"
Second most populous country
Mediterranean island contry
Religion from the Qur'an
Very thin French pancake
Capital of Belarus
Capital and largest city is Niamey
Home of the NFL Dolphins
Natives of this city are known as Loiners
Home of popular children's poet, Roald Dahl
Swedish-speaking Finnish islands
Bay on southern end of Hudson Bay
Longest European river
American great lake
Most populous country
Region whose capital is Lhasa
Capital of Japan until 1869
The Pine Tree State
Canadian territory as well as Alaskan River
Second biggest Antarctica mountain
Norway is famous for these long, narrow inlets
Greek god of the underworld
Country shaped like a boot
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level 70
Nov 7, 2014
Could you accept the alternate spelling fiord? Also, Yukon is a territory, not a province.
level 51
Nov 8, 2014
Okay, I will change to territory and accept other spelling.
level 70
Nov 8, 2014
By the way, I love your 2, 4, 6, 8, 20, whatever-letter geography series! [Are you doing a 20-letter one? It'll need phrases not words but hey, I'm sure they're out there :) ]
level 51
Nov 9, 2014
Hey, thanks! and yeah I hope to just keep going with them.
level 59
Jul 19, 2015
Good quiz, although some questions have a pretty tenuous link to geography!
level 70
May 10, 2016
Birth country of Roald Dahl, maybe. His home for 36 years was in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.
level 30
Jan 8, 2017
Specify that It is dahl's home country. I was trying to find out how Cardiff was five letters.
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