Jurassic Park Quiz

Last names are acceptable for the characters
Quiz by OfTheMountain
Last updated: November 5, 2014
First submittedNovember 4, 2014
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Founder of Jurassic Park
John Hammond
Male Paleontologist
Allen Grant
Female Paleobotanist
Ellie Sattler
Chaos Mathematician
Ian Malcolm
Computer Programmer
Dennis Nedry
Founder's grandson
Tim Murphy
Founder's granddaughter
Lex Murphy
Operations Manager
Ray Arnold
Game Warden
Robert Muldoon
Corwardly Lawyer
Donald Gennaro
Chief Geneticist
Henry Wu
Island the park is on
Isla Nublar
Which is off the coast of
Costa Rica
Director of movie
Steven Spielberg
Year Released
Type of insect DNA extracted from
Type of rock/gem containing the insect
"Clever Girl" Dinosaur
Dinosaur that kills the lawyer
T Rex
Dinosaur that was sick in the field
Phrase the founder says many times
"We spared no expense!"
Stealthy transport container for Stolen DNA
Barbasol Can
Level 82
Nov 5, 2014
Maybe you could add some more type-ins? For example, you accept Gennaro for the lawyer but don't accept Grant or Malcolm or Nedry. I couldn't get Grant though I tried "Grant" "Dr Grant" "Alan Grant" "Dr Alan Grant" "Doctor Alan Grant" and then I gave up. You should probably also accept "tyrannosaurus" for "t rex"
Level 58
Nov 5, 2014
I've added some more options throughout
Level 44
Feb 7, 2015
I had trouble with sattler, you should except satler or sadtler maybe. Great Quiz though this is my favorite movie somehow I forgot ray arnold, and muldoon
Level 56
Jul 12, 2016
Great quiz couldn't think of the phrase the founder said. Then felt like an idiot when the answer came up!!!
Level 14
Oct 11, 2017
Ah yes, the famous meme: Hammond: We spared no expense! Alan:Are these Ford Explorers? Hammond: Ok, we spared SOME expense.....