Star Wars Characters - A New Hope

Name the characters based on the descriptions
Quiz by Allspark
Last updated: January 30, 2014
First submittedJanuary 30, 2014
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The Protocol Droid
The Astromech Droid
The Princess in Distress
Princess Leia Organa
The Knight of the Sith
Darth Vader
The Armored Soldiers
Imperial Stormtroopers
The Loyal Ship's Captain
Captain Raymus Antilles
The Military Governor
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
The Arrogant Admiral
Admiral Conan Motti
The Hapless Farmboy
Luke Skywalker
The Old Wizard
Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Scavengers
The Droid with the Bad Motivator
The Sand People
Tusken Raiders
The Loving Aunt
Beru Lars
The Stern Uncle
Owen Lars
The Angry Criminal...
Doctor Cornelius Evazan
...and His Friend
Pondo Baba
The Imperial Spy
The Smuggler
Han Solo
The Co-Pilot
The Slow-Firing Bounty Hunter
The Crime Lord
Jabba the Hutt
The Armored Bounty Hunter
Boba Fett
The Soldier Missing from his Post
The Rebel General
General Jan Dodonna
The Helpless Wingman
Wedge Antilles
The Hometown Friend
Biggs Darklighter
The X-Wing Flight Leader
Commander Garven Dreis
The Y-Wing Flight Leader
Commander Jon Vander
Level 58
Feb 18, 2014
"Pondo" Baba should be Ponda Baba.
Level 50
Jun 17, 2014
Yes. Ponda Baba.
Level 67
Oct 23, 2014
What they said. Also, please be flexible on partial names as long as they identify the character. Just Leia should be good enough, for example.
Level 69
Dec 21, 2017
Agreed, there is no need for full names for most of the characters on here. They are almost all known by one name.

And, yes, it's PondA not PondO.

Level 35
Jan 6, 2015
I thought it was Beru Whitesun...
Level 50
Aug 7, 2016
Commander Jon Vander goes by the much cooler nickname of Dutch Vander, and I believe (correct me if I am mistaken) that there is an 'S' at the end of Vander? Yes; no; maybe?
Level 50
Jul 4, 2017
Jan Dodonna should be JOn Dodonna
Level 69
Dec 21, 2017
Ehh, nope. He's right, you're wrong.