"Predator" Ultimate Movie Fan Quiz !

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Quiz by Erised
Last updated: February 12, 2014
First submittedFebruary 3, 2014
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Which tough-guy said, "I ain't got to time to bleed".
Blain / Jessie Ventura
Mac repeated this phrase repeatedly while chasing the Predator, "I'm gonna _______ _______ _______ _______" (4words)
have me some fun
Finish this famous catch phrase..."Get to ______ ________" !
the chopper!
Which character was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Which character was played by the same actor who portrayed Apollo Creed in the Rocky series?
Which two characters asked each other, "What the f*** are you"?
Predator and Dutch
What color is the Predator's blood?
fluorescent yellow
Finish this phrase... "If it bleeds _____ ______ ______ ______." (4 words)
we can kill it
This brave character bravely faces the Predator alone, armed only with a large knife:
Can the alien swim?
What did Mac do while silently waiting for the alien to appear?
How can the Predator find you without his mask on?
heat signature
Mac startles Dillon by stabbing a knife at his back. Good thing he did, because he was killing a _________?
When Dillon thanks Mac for killing the creature, Mac responds by whispering "___________", which we later hear the alien playing back again and again. (1 word)
Which hairstyle make you look most like the Predator: a pixie cut, a bob, a jheri curl, dreadlocks, a mullet or an afro?
Near the end of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character successfully conceals himself from the Predator by covering himself in what?
clay / mud ( actually pottery clay)
When Dutch is ready to fight the Predator, he call him by roaring loudly into the night while holding what in the air?
a lighted torch
What did Anna tell the soldiers she saw come to life?
the jungle
This movie sparked a less-poular sequel starring what actor?
Danny Glover
How many people actually made it out of the jungle alive?
Which characted said,"Only in the hottest years this happens...and this year, it grows hot"?
This character is the only one in the film to die laughing:
the Predator
This character whispered, "I see you..." when he discovered the Predator hiding in the trees.
Dutch lifted this with his bare hands an pushed it towards the enemy soldiers to surprise them:
a truck
Which body part does the Predator keep as a trophy?
the skull
The characters are supposedly in what part of the world? (South America, the Amazon, Africa, Vietnam or Cambodia?
South America
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