Jetpunk's Easiest Quiz

Simply answer the world's easiest questions. Good luck : )
Quiz by Rosie37
Last updated: February 24, 2015
First submittedMay 12, 2014
Times taken1,456
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Zero as a number
What is the name of this quiz website
What colour is the sky
The first letter of the alaphabet
What animal barks
A dog
What planet do we live on
Knock Knock
Who's there
What is the opposite of yes
Where does the Loch Ness Monster live
The Loch Ness
What is the opposite of up
Piece of jewelery that goes on a finger
An orange is what colour
Where do feathers come from
Where do fish live
In water
Is Harry Potter better than Twilight
Are you getting bored of these pointless questions
Of course not
Level 50
May 13, 2014
Really? You think people need 20 minutes for this?
Level 49
Jan 6, 2021
Dude, it's called the easiest quiz. Allowing that much time makes it easier.
Level 12
Feb 24, 2015
Thank-you for checking out my quiz, I hope you enjoyed it. If I have spelt something wrong or if you have any suggestions for improvement, please leave me a message here, and I will try and correct it as soon as possible. Also, if you click on my username you can check out the other quizzes I've made, I hope you enjoy them too : )
Level 36
Dec 5, 2016
You spelt alphabet wrong.
Level 51
Jun 15, 2020
Level 70
Oct 10, 2015
Apparantly 3% of people who took this quiz are Martians
Level 20
Nov 26, 2015
Level 36
Dec 5, 2016
hello joel
Level 60
Jul 28, 2017
I'm looking out of my window now, and the sky looks grey to me. It is cloudy today where I live. Also, please accept 'nowhere' for 'Where does the Loch Ness Monster live?', as it doesn't actually exist.
Level 20
Jan 12, 2018
1 Percent of people don't know that dogs bark

1 Percent of people don't know their home planet

1 Percent don't know the opposite of yes

4 Percent don't know the opposite of up

4 Percent don't know that fish live in water

5 Percent don't know that oranges are orange

Level 40
Mar 18, 2018
Feathers Come From Chickens/ Don't They. I Just Dunno
Level 48
Nov 29, 2018
For what animal barks I just put ‘bark’ what is wrong with me
Level 29
Dec 2, 2018
coughs twilight is better than harry
Level 53
Apr 4, 2020
Um, not everyone knows where the Loch Ness monster lives. My friend tried 'in water' and got the fish question! How come my yes to the last question got taken as a 'no'?
Level 32
Apr 4, 2020
Nominated! Just use capital letter or so help me god
Level 50
May 5, 2020
It took me 49 seconds to finish.
Level 42
Sep 7, 2020
I actually put in Scotland for the Loch Ness Monster quiz and felt bad for taking advantage for the easiest quiz.