Tolkien's Middle Earth Map Quiz

Fill in the map of Tolkien's Middle Earth by correctly guessing each highlighted location.
For each location highlighted in blue, choose the best answer from the options given.
The map is not meant to be comprehensive.
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Quiz by dug28
Last updated: May 8, 2020
First submittedMarch 30, 2020
Times taken502
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Select Location
Borders of Mordor
Dead Marshes
Helm's Deep
Lonely Mountain
Minas Tirith
Misty Mountains
Mount Doom
This Location is:
Level 72
Apr 1, 2020
One inaccuracy here. You labeled the mountains surrounding Mordor as Mordor when Mordor is the land inside the mountains and not the mountains themselves
Level 72
Apr 1, 2020
You're definitely right. I tried to cover that discrepancy in the instructions: "choose the best answer from the options given." The truth is, I just like how it looks when the mountains are highlighted. :)
Level 72
May 15, 2020
You could make it into two separate answers by separating them into the Ephel Duath(Mountains of Shadow) and the Ered Lithui(Ash Mountains)
Level 72
Apr 1, 2020
It also feels LOTR-centric. Since this is a Middle Earth map quiz, I'd like to see more places which aren't necessarily visited in the Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Maybe add some Silmarillion locations or general locations in the west
Level 72
Apr 1, 2020
That was intentional. I wanted the quiz to be accessible to casual fans. Also, full disclaimer... I haven't read the Silmarillion.
Level 60
Apr 10, 2020
I made a similar quiz shortly before you did ( but I'm not gonna whine about it, because your map does look pretty good
Level 72
Apr 11, 2020
Cool! Two different takes on a similar idea. Thanks for sharing!
Level 46
Apr 16, 2020
Me too

Also not whining, yours are nice and don't have something that looks like a penis, but if I had known someone else was willing to do it I probably wouldn't have made it.

Level 83
Apr 21, 2020
Much gratitude and kudos to all of you! I've been wanting to play a Middle Earth map quiz and now I have three!
Level 67
Aug 28, 2020
Very well done. I like it.
Level 57
Nov 10, 2020
Nice quiz. For the Francophones among us, here is my Middle Earth Map Quiz / Terre du Milieu - Carte Quiz.

Hope you'll like it!

Level 46
Nov 27, 2020
I apologize for 'nerding it up,' here, but the place for Minas Tirith looks more like the place where Osgiliath would be. Since Osgiliath is not an option, it isn't really confusing for quiz takers, BUT as a Tolkien geek I had to say something!