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WWE General Knowledge Quiz

Quiz by PolarBear20
Last updated: January 17, 2015
First submittedApril 4, 2014
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Before Wrestlemania 30, what was the Undertaker's undefeated streak?
Who was thrown off the Hell in a Cell by the Undertaker?
Who holds the record for most Royal Rumble eliminations?
Roman Reigns
Who was the creator of the Elimination Chamber?
Eric Bischoff
Who ended Ric Flair's career?
Shawn Michaels
Who won the first Royal Rumble?
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
What are the 2 factions Triple H has been a part of?
DX and Evolution
What rebellious group led by Wade Barrett caused havoc on Raw?
Complete the phrase: "And that's the bottom line ______________"
Cos Stone Cold says so
Who controversially said that the "Buisness would be better off when Vince is dead"?
CM Punk
Who is known as Goat Face?
Daniel Bryan
What PPV did the Montreal Screwjob take place?
Survivor Series
When was the first Wrestlemania?
Who famously hit Jimmy Snucka with a coconut?
Rowdy Roddy Piper
What is the Miz's talk show called?
Miz TV
Who has attacked John Cena's father twice?
Randy Orton
How long did the Attitude Era last?
5 years
Who famously speared Jeff Hardy while he hung from the title belts?
What match was labelled 'Once in a Lifetime'?
John Cena vs The Rock
Who won the largest Royal Rumble in history?
Alberto Del Rio
level 38
Nov 12, 2014
The attitude era started around late 1997 and ended just after wrestlemania 18 which was in 2002 so 5 years not 6
level 28
Aug 19, 2016
There is no definitive date for the start and end of the Attitude Era. But I believe it started either when Vince screwed Bret (or as he likes to say when Bret screwed Bret) or when Stone Cold first won the WWE Championship. Now with Stone Cold's catchphrase NOBODY SPELLS COS LIKE THAT! it's either "cuz," "because," or "cause." This quiz also needs to be updated because Kane's record was broken by Roman Reigns in 2015. Mick Foley should be accepted for the "Mankind" answer since that is his real name.
level 21
Oct 28, 2016
level 45
Feb 5, 2017
he also threw rikishi off the cell at armageddon 2000
level 45
Feb 5, 2017
some people say the attitude era began with the formation of DX some say at the montreal screwjob others say when Austin won the title at wrestlemania 14, some even say it started in 1996 there was no definitive beginning or ending of the attitude era