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Fallout New Vegas

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Quiz by heyjack007
Last updated: May 21, 2014
First submittedMay 21, 2014
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First town in the game
Robot who saves you
Deadliest enemy in the game
Who killed Boones wife
Group responsible for preserving Pre-war Tech.
Brotherhood of Steel
Group of ghouls wanting to get to the great beyond
Bright Brotherhood
Group of chem atticts turned psycho raiders
Reclusive group of explosive experts
Deadly Sniper outfit working for Below
1st Recon
Government type military group holding hoover dam
Antagonist group fighting above
Colonel at Camp Mcarren
Colonel Hsu
Cannibalistic Casino group
White Gloves
Guy who shoots you in the head at the beginning of the game
Casino group ruled by above
Mafia type casino group
Small petty gang ( can be accused of killing Corpral White )
Main type of weapons found in the game
Weapons like lasor and plasma
Suits of armor used by #5 also required training
Group of enemies found at black mountain
Ironic camp name close to Nelson
Forlorn Hope
Largest trading outfit in the Wasteland also named by a Color
Crimson Caravan
Name the vault #8 came from
Canyon that honest hearts takes place in
Mount Zion
Insane Ex- Elder of #5
Father Elijah
Courier who invites you to the Divide
Group of ghoul soldiers in the Divide
Marked Men
Research center in Old World Blues
Big Mt.
What does Dala call you in OWB
Teddy Bear
Mongolian type gang
Great Khans
Leader of above
Papa Khan
Leader of New Vegas
Mr. House
Leader of #11
What two countries started the great war.
USA and China
What activates the warheads in Lonesome Road
Laser Detonator
The Miniguns energy cousin
Gatling Laser
Crazy Scientist who trys to rule The research center in OWB
Dr. Mobius
Drunk whiskey loving companion found at the Mojave Outpost
Robot Company name
level 20
Oct 2, 2014
Its Caesar not ceasar and you should accept just hsu for colonel and Elijah for father Elijah
level 60
May 22, 2015
Also, the Brotherhood use both the t-51 and t-45 model power armor suits, so just power armor should work
level 60
Sep 26, 2015
Also, how can Zion be a canyon and a mountain, which it isn't, at the same time.
level 29
May 28, 2016
Really needs to made more lenient to petty mistakes. Having to put the "s" for example on the end of "deathclaw" in order for it to register is just plain stupid.
level 16
Jan 11, 2017
omg genie Crawford kills boones wife not boone
level 14
Jan 24, 2017
well if you pay attention to the game and do the extra quests for boone, you will learn that boone shot his wife will she was in captivity to save her from the legion slavers, do your research before commenting
level 24
Nov 24, 2017
Complaints: #3: 'Deathclaw' is not accepted. #7: 'Addicts' not 'atticts'. #9 & #11: It's awkward figuring out what it's trying to say here with 'below' and 'above', especially with capitalization. 'the below answer' and 'the above answer' might make it more obvious. #12: 'Hsu' should be accepted, especially considering it's already stated that he's a colonel. #19: 'Laser', not 'lasor'. #20: If you're going to make it specify further than 'power armor', at least consider accepting 'T51', 'T-51', and 'T51b'. #25: 'Zion' should be accepted. #34: 'Caesar', not 'Ceaser'. #40: 'RobCo', not 'RoboCo'.