Extreme General Knowledge

Answer these 100 moderately difficult general knowledge questions.
Quiz by Macaco
Last updated: June 18, 2016
First submittedJune 18, 2016
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Which infomercial host died of heart disease in 2009?
Billy Mays
Under which state's "Death With Dignity" act did 29 year-old Brittany Maynard chose to end her life after finding out she had terminal brain cancer?
Who is the author of the Curious George books?
H.A. Rey
Which Youtuber keeps his identity a secret and uses a drawn stick figure with a big chin in his videos?
Grade A Under A
What is the name of the girl who greets Psy on the subway in the Gangnam Style video?
In 1856, senator Charles Sumner was beaten by representative Preston Brooks with what on the senate floor in retaliation for an anti-slavery speech he gave?
What is the name of the gas that was used in gas chambers during the Holocaust?
Zyklon B
In which language, with around 24,000 native speakers, is the word for "hello" a synonym for "love"?
What is the term in Afghanistan for the practice of wealthy men taking young boys, dressing them as girls, and sexually abusing them?
Bacha Bazi
Which video-game lawyer wins every case?
Pheonix Wright
Which Nickelodeon show starred Britney Spears' younger sister?
Zoey 101
In which Mexican state is the resort town of Cancún?
Quintana Roo
A widely-criticized cover of Rolling Stone magazine featured which terrorist in 2013?
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Which psychological phenomenon explains why a person is less likely to get help while in a crowd of people than if they are with less people? Hint: Diffusion of ______________
Diffusion of Responsibility
Which Chilean Youtuber features Jack Black in his video titled "Tipos de Alumnos"?
German Garmendia
Which water-dwelling micro-animal is capable of surviving in outer space?
Which member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined the band in 1988, left in 1992, rejoined in 1998, and left again in in 2009?
John Frusciante
Which part of the brain acts as a sponge that soaks up alcohol when one drinks?
What is the name of the cafe in the movie "50 First Dates"?
What is the name for a short-range tubular rocket launcher used against tanks that is also the name of a brand of bubblegum?
Which two actresses play Rachel Green's sisters on the TV show "Friends"?
Christina Applegate and Reese Witherspoon
In which concentration camp did Anne Frank die of typhus?
Which Big Brother season 15 contestant was shown several times on camera going on racist rants?
Aaryn Gries
Which European language is geographically surrounded by Romance languages but is not related to any of them?
Which painful condition of the feet, caused by long immersion in cold water or mud, was common during Word War I?
Trench Foot
In which Tim Burton movie does the protagonist struggle not to physically hurt himself and others ?
Edward Scissorhands
Which is the word for either a Venetian boat or a cabin on a suspended ski lift?
What is the name of the Mexican craft of cutting paper into intricate designs (literally means chopped paper)?
Papel Picado
Which professional athlete's wife chased him out of the house with a golf club after learning he had cheated on her with up to 19 women?
Tiger Woods
The "Mano de Punta del Este", a sculpture located on a beach that depicts a hand emerging from the sand like the hand of a drowning person emerges from water, is located in which country?
Which major American city has a name derived from Greek?
From which country is the current secretary-general of the United Nations?
South Korea
Which popular rock band of the 2000s originated in the state of Oklahoma?
All American Rejects
Which 90's rock star, with songs "Rape Me" and "Been a Son", was known to be a feminist?
Kurt Cobain
Which waterpark has a slide named the howlin' tornado?
Great Wolf Lodge
Which Cuban celebrity starred in the telenovela "Cuidado Con el Ángel" and was on Dancing With the Stars?
William Levy
Which US president used to get up two hours before sunrise to go skinny dipping in the Potomac river?
John Quincy Adams
Two of the original members of Panic! At the Disco left after which album?
Pretty. Odd.
Which contestant of America's Next Top Model All Stars was sent home after refusing to pose in underwear?
Shannon Stewart
Along with French, German, and Italian, what is the fourth official language of Switzerland?
Which Nintendo DS game character solves puzzles in the fictional town of St. Mystere?
Professor Layton
Which cartoon celebrity sings a song titled "My Shiny Teeth and Me"?
Chip Skylark
Which woman was found in 2009 after being held in captivity for 18 years in the backyard of a man named Phillip Garrido?
Jaycee Dugard
Donald Trump famously made derogatory comments about what Fox News political commentator?
Megyn Kelly
Which brand of Mexican soda has flavors like tutifruti (fruit punch) and tamarindo (tamarind)?
Which Washington state town in the Cascade mountains is made to resemble a Bavarian town in the alps ?
Which food is used as a euphemism for marijuana on the show "How I Met Your Mother"?
Which US president made the proposal for the League of Nations, which eventually became the United Nations?
Woodrow Wilson
Which 2009 government program was intended to provide incentives for US citizens to trade in old, less fuel-efficient vehicles for newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles?
Cash For Clunkers
Which Californian city, starting with G, is also the title of a Sublime song?
Garden Grove
Which was the first movie that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starred in together?
The Wedding Singer
Which country group, popular in the early 2000s, released a song about murdering an abusive ex-husband?
Dixie Chicks
Which American Idol season 6 contestant, starting with S, once wore his hair in a mohawk made of ponytails while singing?
Sanjaya Malakar
What is the name of the most popular Japanese vocaloid?
Hatsune Miku
What does Sheldon Cooper say it is customary to offer someone if they are upset?
Hot beverage
SSRI's, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, are a type of medication commonly used to treat which mental illness?
How many days are there of summer vacation, according to Phineas and Ferb?
The founders of which ice cream company have demonstrated support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?
Ben & Jerry's
Which type of taco at taco bell is based on a type of chip?
Doritos Locos
Which Teen Mom star gave her daughter 900 British pounds for a lost tooth?
Farrah Abraham
Which language, related to German, is a primary language of the Amish?
Pennsylvania Dutch
Which Australian spider, despite not being poisonous, is credited with numerous deaths because of its tendency to hide in cars and pop out unexpectedly, causing accidents?
Which type of toy has recently undergone changes in order to be inclusive of more body types and skin tones?
Which Native American tribe was Pocahontas a part of?
Which famous photograph, taken in a refugee camp, was featured on the cover of National Geographic in 1985?
Afghan Girl
In which Las Vegas casino is there an aquarium called the "shark reef"?
Mandalay Bay
Which 15th-century European ruler was the inspiration for the novel "Dracula"?
Vlad the Impaler
In remote areas of which disputed-over Asian region are there people with violet eyes?
Which member of the 2012 Olympics United States gymnastics team was a common subject of memes because of her "not impressed" face?
McKayla Maroney
What is the opposite of the color blue on the color wheel?
What is the name of the store that is the setting of NBC's Superstore?
Cloud 9
Which type of creepy fish lures Dory and Marlin in with the light suspended from its head and tries to eat them?
Which company does Jim Halpert work for?
Dunder Mifflin
Which profession of the early 1900s had a 2 in 5 mortality rate due to the risk of falling from large heights?
In which reality television family was it revealed that one of the family's sons sexually molested his sisters?
Which language does "Adventure Time"'s Lady Rainicorn speak?
Which is the name of the orange towel that was marketed in infomercials by Vince Offer?
What is the name of China's equivalent of Youtube?
Which popular song, released in 2007, lists common stereoypes of immigrants in its lyrics?
Paper Planes
Which retired member of the Seattle Seahawks likes Skittles?
Marshawn Lynch
Which two colors are often used together in restaurants because they trigger hunger?
Red and Yellow
Which restaurant changed their kids meal to include a cuties orange and a smaller container of fries?
Which store, owned by American Eagle, sells lingerie and apparel?
The consumption of bushmeat was thought to be a possible cause of the outbreak of what disease?
What does one have to draw around oneself in order to prevent sea bear attacks?
Edward Jenner invented the first vaccine for smallpox by injecting a boy with the virus for which related disease?
In which country did the Trivia Crack game/app originate?
"Huevos Verdes Con Jamón" is the Spanish version of which Dr. Seuss book?
Green Eggs and Ham
Malala Yousafzai, the girl's education advocate who was shot in the head by the Taliban, is from what valley in Pakistan?
Miss Trunchbull is the headmistress of whose elementary school?
Matilda Wormwood
To which food group does the green bean belong?
At the start of which 21 Pilots music video is the Korean word for "hello" shouted?
Tear in My Heart
Which ABC sitcom stars the Huangs?
Fresh Off the Boat
Which funny animated series on Youtube depicts the members of One Direction as superheroes?
Adventurous Adventures of One Direction
Which restaurant sells a desert named the "Mountain High Mudd Pie"?
Red Robin
What "type" of women does Phil Dunphy have a thing for?
African American
Before "Baby Got Back" and "Anaconda", which classic rock band released a song about women with big butts during the 1970's?
In which country was a religious festival that typically slaughters more than 500,000 animals called off in 2015?
What is the name of the female equivalent of the Oedipus complex (an unconcious sexual desire that a boy has for his mother)?
Electra Complex
In the original story of the Wizard of Oz, who carries Dorothy out of the field of poppies after she falls asleep?
Field Mice
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