Letras de Canciones Latinas Traducidas al Inglés

He traducido letras de canciones populares en español al inglés. Para cada una, da el nombre de la canción en español.
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Letra en Inglés
Because I want to pretend that I forgot you / I try to convince myself / That you're in the past / And I erased you from my soul and my mind
A Quién Quiero Mentirle
She has a photo of mine / And I can imagine her / What she does when she's alone
Fanática Sensual
The only thing I have is love for loving / If you love me like this I can love you / But if you don't love there's no way to do it
No Tengo Dinero
May God forgive you, I'm not going to do it / I lost you both and at the same time / Since it was all a lie when she used to tell me that she was going to Puerto Rico on vacation with her friend / She lied to me
Ella y Yo
Don't mention your name because in heaven / They are dying of jealousy / Your eyes are sparkles / Your throat is a mystery
Solamente Tú
Loving like I love you is complicated / Thinking the way I think of you is a sin / Looking the way I look at you is forbidden / Touching you the way I want to is a crime
Darte un Beso
And when finally we're together us two / What does it matter what even society will say / Here only our love matters / I love you
Amor Prohibido
I was only seventeen when I crossed the border / I promised my old woman I would get her out of poverty
El Inmigrante
I feel like I'm in the clouds when you kiss me / And I feel like I'm flying higher than the sky / If I have the smell of your hair nearby
Mi Niña Bonita
I eat with beans salsa and eggs / And the flowers that I bring you / I cut them from my garden / But the stars are mine / All those beautiful things / That God gave me
Muchacho de Campo
Your body and mine filling the emptiness / Going up and going down
If I lack respect for you and then I blame alcohol / If I lift up your skirt would you give me the right
Propuesta Indecente
Last night I dreamed of you / That we were on the beach / Your body divine / And the sun was burning me
Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo
It won't be with you the wedding in the church / Not the honeymoon in Greece either / You're complicated, you're immature / You don't understand reasons, you don't have a fight anymore
Cabecita Dura
You need a little bit of grace / A little bit of grace / For me for you / Oh hurray, hurray / Oh hurray, hurray / For you I'll be, for you I'll be, for you I'll be
La Bamba
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