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Based on Portuguese Bathroom Vocabulary

0Letters of the Greek Alphabet Quiz0-62%4.89275,824
1Top World Languages Quiz0-40%4.82256,876
2Countries by Languages in 90 Seconds0-76%4.94206,417
3Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz0-81%4.98174,631
4Official Languages of the World0-54%4.97126,577
5Countries and Languages Quiz0-66%4.82123,763
6Biggest Cities by Language Quiz0-70%4.94112,846
7French-Speaking Countries Quiz0-51%4.83103,810
8Countries That Speak Portuguese0-66%4.8432,610
9Places in their Native Language #10-76%4.8391,787
10Official European Union Languages0-79%4.9484,758
11Countries in their Native Language0-70%4.9679,466
12Countries by Official Language0-70%4.8972,706
13Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe0-80%4.9670,311
14European Countries in their Native Language0-82%4.9863,623
15German-Speaking Countries0-83%4.9360,882
16Official Languages Spoken in the Most Countries0-77%4.8556,613
17Capitals in their Native Languages0-71%4.9256,608
18Latin Words #10-66%4.8744,372
19Third Most Common Language by US State0-56%4.9143,248
20Wikipedia Languages0-56%4.8742,598
21Top World Languages on a Map0-36%4.8741,833
2215 Most Populous Countries that Speak a Romance Language0-80%4.8239,444
23Flags to Languages0-77%4.8837,917
24Top 10 Countries with the Most Spanish Speakers0-90%4.9337,756
25Official UN Languages0-100%4.8136,790
26Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers0-80%4.8935,589
27Name an Official Language A-Z0-73%4.9331,768
28Top Asian Languages on a Map0-52%4.8926,561
29Latin Phrases used in English0-45%4.8523,339
30World Language General Knowledge #20-75%4.8417,961
31English-Speaking Countries Quiz0-68%4.59206,396
32Name that Greek Letter Quiz0-70%4.79142,232
33Spanish Food Words Quiz 0-79%4.24125,338
34Spanish Name Translation Quiz0-68%4.03104,657
35Main Languages of the United States0-57%4.5896,551
36Count to 10 in Europe Quiz0-63%4.5483,998
37French Food Words Quiz0-79%4.6472,710
38Random French Words #10-79%4.4968,724
39French Animal Words Quiz0-70%4.4455,819
40Top European Languages on a Map0-81%4.6454,017
41Biggest Spanish-Speaking Cities Quiz0-59%4.6551,369
42Language Names in the Language0-66%4.6547,011
43Places in their Native Language #20-71%4.7544,707
44Random French Words #20-83%4.7242,570
45Random Spanish Words #20-79%4.4437,472
46Count to 10 in Europe: Pro0-41%4.7936,381
47Ancient Greek Words0-62%4.5933,600
48Latin Words #20-62%4.5932,872
49French Verbs0-85%4.6530,963
50Top 10 European Countries by English Proficiency0-80%4.7928,127
51Latin Words #30-61%4.4227,237
52Spanish Place Names in English0-65%4.5127,222
5315 Most Populous Countries that Speak a Germanic Language0-80%4.4120,116
54World Language General Knowledge #10-65%4.6518,780
55Colors in Europe Quiz0-56%4.7217,596
56U.S. States with Spanish Names0-80%4.4316,782
57Song Title Translation - Spanish0-60%4.4816,344
58World Languages A-Z0-69%4.7215,954
59Countries With the Most German Speakers0-83%4.7714,170
60Capital Cities with Spanish Names0-71%4.5513,386
61English Words of Arabic Origin0-75%4.4112,075
62Most Spoken Languages in Canada0-59%4.7210,356
63Random Spanish Words #30-75%4.5010,299
64Days of the Week in Europe Quiz0-52%4.419,962
65Hebrew Letters Quiz0-59%4.485,766
66Biggest English-Speaking Cities Quiz0-66%4.2991,038
67Random German Words0-75%4.3162,324
68Random Spanish Words #10-83%4.3849,528
69Numbers in Spanish Quiz0-59%4.3545,562
70European Greetings Quiz0-45%4.1542,777
71Spanish Animal Words0-62%4.2040,222
72Japanese Loanwords Quiz0-71%4.3239,099
73Spanish Place Words Quiz0-79%4.2838,550
74Movie Titles in Spanish Quiz0-54%4.3137,741
75Random Italian Words0-66%4.3536,310
76English Words of Italian Origin0-70%4.1136,276
77French Phrases used in English0-50%4.1333,425
78Five Languages with the Most Native Speakers by Continent0-56%4.2731,074
79Languages of the United Kingdom0-46%4.0331,058
80Latin and Greek Roots Quiz0-66%4.2531,018
81Random Translations Quiz #20-58%4.0929,877
82Common Descriptive Words in Spanish0-63%4.2028,660
83Italian Food Words Quiz0-66%4.0428,529
84Spanish Verbs0-77%4.3628,258
85Random Translations Quiz #40-62%4.2527,259
86Random Name Translation0-43%4.2825,076
87Top 10 Non-English Languages of Los Angeles0-60%4.2624,657
88Movie Titles in French0-54%4.0823,324
89Most Commonly-Taught Languages in the U.S.0-78%4.2820,836
90Most Common French Words0-42%4.3520,737
91Top Romance Languages0-83%4.1919,556
92Movie Titles in German0-50%4.2418,798
93TV Title Translation - French0-59%4.0718,479
94Slavic Languages0-80%4.3218,217
95Top 12 Languages Spoken in Asia0-58%4.1817,567
96Days of the Week in Spanish0-85%4.3017,469
97Languages Most Similar to English0-70%4.2817,120
98French Place Words Quiz0-75%4.1116,562
99French Antonyms0-70%4.0616,380
100Most Common Spanish Words0-31%4.2115,433
101Song Title Translation - French0-65%4.2714,815
102Numbers in French0-65%4.0414,781
103Translations of John0-45%4.2814,670
104World Language General Knowledge #30-68%4.3213,980
105Random French Words #30-79%4.2412,499
106Official Languages of South Africa0-36%4.3812,279
107French Phrases0-70%4.3611,808
108Languages of Spain0-57%4.2611,284
109German Loan Words Quiz0-55%4.0088,731
110English Words of Russian Origin0-55%3.9938,652
111Random Translations Quiz #10-50%3.4832,792
112Spanish Loan Words Quiz0-59%3.9631,023
113The Body in Spanish Vocabulary Words0-53%3.9129,925
114Random Translations Quiz #30-58%3.8028,121
115Language Origins of Popular First Names0-60%3.7014,867
116Officially Recognized Languages of India0-39%4.0010,104
117Spanish Phrases0-66%3.527,813
118TV Title Translation - Spanish0-63%3.837,374
119Song Title Translation - German0-60%3.766,654
120Spanish Antonyms0-60%3.926,021
121Sushi Translation0-47%3.705,644
122Proverbs Translated into French0-61%3.975,383
123Rhyme Time - Spanish0-55%3.624,506
124Animal Sounds in Spanish0-61%3.724,149